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Finding Purpose in Your Work or Business Endeavors

“Blessed is the man that has found his work. One monster there is in the world, the idle man.” - Thomas Carlyle

Have you found purpose in your work or business endeavors? Are you stuck in a dead end job and not very happy with the work that you’re doing? Of course, especially in these days of hard economic times, any legal work that you can find is welcome. So many unemployed people are seeking jobs. They just want to find work to take care of themselves and their families and have the money to survive.

As Thomas Carlyle expressed, the idle man is not a man who has found purpose. The idle man needs to find work that he loves and is good at in order to find true purpose.

Finding our purpose in life is the way to find fulfillment.

Not everyone believes in finding his or her purpose in God, but I believe that is the way to finding purpose. The purpose to know who you are in Christ and all that God has planned for your life. When you find the purpose for your life, your life will begin to work in the way that God has purposed.

One way to find purpose in your work is to figure out what your skill set is. If you’re going to work in a job that you’re not good at, that will only lead to frustration. No one wants to spend the entire day working at tasks that you can’t complete or have trouble completing. Deep down inside, most of us want to succeed. The best way to succeed in your work is to do what you can do.

Once you figure out what your skill set actually is, you then should take stock of what you like to do.

What are your hobbies? What are your interests? Of course, if you don’t have a job, you may not have the luxury of trying to figure this all out. You’ll need to start work immediately just to pay the bills. However, if that’s your situation, you can still work on figuring out what you would be interested in doing, so that you can eventually get a job that you truly enjoy.

Now that you have evaluated your skill set and know what your interests are, then you should evaluate your deeper purpose in how you can actually help people. Now, not everyone wants to do work which helps others and that’s not specifically what I mean here. Finding out if helping others motivates you, will be another important trigger point on truly understanding what type of work will lead you toward fulfilling your purpose.

Finding an accountability partner is the final step. This should be a person that you trust and one who can offer good advice. It needs to be a person who is not afraid to tell you the truth in a constructive manner that will help you to grow.

Learning your skill set, figuring out your interests and understanding how you can help others will assist you in finding purpose in your work. When you find purpose in your work that is one of the best feelings you can have.

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