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The Power of Blog Titles

Whether you’re writing a blog post or writing a feature article, your titles are vitally important. The title of your blog or article should be catchy and make your readers want to actually click on the link through social media posts and tweets so they can read what you wrote.

If readers stumble upon your blog post through a random internet search and they see a title that draws them in, odds are that your blog post will get read—and hopefully, you’ll get some readers’ comments along the way.

True, you need to write an excellent blog post or article; but remember that a good title will do wonders for you. On the flip side, even if your title is catchy and you get readers to read your blog post or article, if your writing stinks, then you can say bye-bye to your readers. Sure, you can have an off day or two and put some poor writing out into cyberspace; however, if you don’t get back into the groove and start writing well again, your readers are going to have a hard time following your work.

Think about this for a minute—we are all experiencing information overload these days…especially with how connected we are to the Internet.

So how does this affect writers and bloggers? It can negatively affect them if they don’t figure a way to get their blog and articles to stand out from the crowd. Having that to-die for title for your blog post or article is one of the major ways to get your writing into the vision of readers.

For example, I have my blog linked to NetworkedBlogs through Facebook and it is also linked to post onto Twitter. I have worked hard to create great titles because that is the first thing that readers will see on social media. When my blog posts to facebook, the title is posted along with the first few sentences of the blog post. However, on Twitter, only the title and the link for the blog or article are tweeted. Now that is where the hard work begins. That’s why your title must be compelling enough for followers on Twitter to click the link and read your work.

Above all else, remember good grammar when creating your blog or article title. You want to be certain that you don’t appear to be spamming or padding your title on purpose.

Readers will see through that approach in no time at all and won’t get readers to pay attention to your blog or article. Also, make sure that the point of your blog or article title correlates to the text. You don’t want to have a title that draws a reader in and then the reader gets fooled into reading a blog post or article that they weren’t expecting. This is also not a way to gain a readership base.

Have you had success in gaining readership at your blog by using interesting titles?

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