Flash Fiction: The Unexpected Choice

The Unexpected Choice

By, Susan Sage

“Let’s go,” A dark-haired girl said as she ran toward me. She grabbed my hand and pulled me forward.

“What are you doing?” I tugged her arm bringing her to a fast stop.

Though she smiled I saw her tears. I reached into my pocket, pulled out a tissue and handed it to her but her eyes grew large. She gave a slight shake of her head.

“Please, help me. Men are chasing me. Hurry. I don’t want them to get me again.” She released the words as a whisper.

“Okay, let’s keep moving and get help.”

We joined the group of people drifting along the concourse like a school of fish.

“You said a man is following you?”

She simply nodded. Putting pressure on my hand she kept dragging me forward.

I tugged on her wrist. When she turned a bit toward me I cocked my head. Her eyes darted in the direction I’d indicated, then together we headed for the women’s side of the building.

We stepped inside the door.

“Hopefully, whoever is following you won’t come in here. I doubt they’d want much attention.” We walked to the quieter side of the restroom and I released her hand. “For starters, why don’t you tell me your name and what’s going on.”

Her hazel eyes looked like full moons, but her shoulders relaxed.

“My name is Gabby Boynton.”

I drew in a fast breath. “You’re the governor’s missing daughter?”


I reached forward and, from all appearances adjusted her visor, but I slid it back just enough to see the reddish-blond hair hidden under the dark wig.

“You’ve been gone a week. How did you end up here?”

“One guy said I’d be traded today at the amusement park. The other one said they’d have to be careful not to lose me in the crowds. When I saw a throng of people at the Ferris wheel, I bent down pretending to tie my shoe, ducked through the group and ran until I saw you. You look like me … at least with this horrible wig on my head,” a hint of a smile lifted the corner of her mouth.

Footsteps headed our direction. We stepped into the largest stall and I locked the door behind us. She moved to the corner and I waited by the door.

We each held our breath until a toilet flushed and a door creaked open. The water at the sink went on then off. The air blower engaged then silenced. Soon the footsteps retreated.

Gabby nodded when I put my finger to my lips.

I looked through the crack, then slowly turned the lock and pushed the door open slightly.

No one.

We both exhaled. “Do you believe in God, Gabby?”


“Good. Pray. Now.”

Gabby closed her eyes tight as she folded her hands.

I drew my phone from my pocket and hit the autodial.

“Detective Whitsworth here.”


“Where are you?”

“Seth, I need you to listen.”


“Seth. Listen. I’m in the women’s bathroom by the food court at the amusement park.”

“Are you sick?”

“NO. Just listen.”


“You know the kidnapping of the governor’s daughter?”


I found her—"


“I found her, or rather she found me. We need help. We’re trying to stay out of sight of her kidnappers.”

“Okay, stay on the phone and don’t move unless you have to. I’m putting Annie on the dispatch line. She’s already pinged your location. We’re on our way.”

With that he was gone and Annie was on.

“You okay, Lexi?”

“I am now, thanks Annie.”

“The officers are on the way.”

Within moments the wail of sirens filled the air. Best sound I ever heard.

“They’re almost here, Gabby. Do you hear them?”

Gabby leaned against me as deep, hard wails shook her body.

Suddenly we heard a crash, then thuds on the floor. More thumps and the stall walls shook.

Gabby and I clung to each other.

“Lexi? Lexi, where are you?” Seth called.

I opened the stall door and ran into Seth’s arms.

“I’ve never been so glad to see you,” I said leaning against him. “This,” I pulled Gabby forward, tugged the wig off, and put my hand on her shoulder, “is Gabby Boynton. Gabby, this is my husband, Lieutenant Seth Whitsworth.”

We walked out of the bathroom, Seth’s arm around me and mine around my new friend.

“That’s them,” Gabby yelled.

We all looked in the direction she pointed. Three men began pushing through the crowd. Seth’s team went after them. Several minutes later, the officers escorted the three men, now in handcuffs, back toward us.

Gabby stepped behind me.

“It’s okay, Gabby. They can’t get you.”

The men were put into nearby patrol cars and Seth, Gabby and I walked through the park to Seth’s car.

Before getting into the detective car Seth stopped.

“How did you know she was an officer?” He asked Gabby.

“You are?”

“Yes,” I smiled pulling my badge out of my purse. “See, God led you to the right person after all.” I hugged her before she got into the back seat.

“We’ll call your parents, Gabby, and then,” he raised an eyebrow as his gaze met mine, “you can fill me in on your day.”

Meet the Author

New to north Idaho, Susan Sage and her husband are enjoying getting to know the new area. She continues to work on her craft writing about God’s purpose and sovereignty in all aspects of life. She enjoys writing devotionals and flash fiction. She enjoys mentoring other writers who are new to the craft.

She is currently working on revising her website, which should be up in the next few months.

You can find her on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can read more of Susan's flash fiction pieces the 2nd Thursday each month here at Pandora's Box Gazette.

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