Movie Review - Atlas Shrugged: Part II

Movie Review - Atlas Shrugged: Part II

Ever since watching Atlas Shrugged: Part I, I couldn’t wait to watch Atlas Shrugged: Part II. In case you have no idea what these movies are about, they are based on Ayn Rand’s epic ground-breaking novel, Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand published her novel in 1957. Since its publication, this novel has been the catalyst for inspiration and controversy ever since. I must confess that I had never heard of this novel before the movie came out. Now that I’ve watched both movies, I definitely want to read Rand’s work.

Rand’s theme in the novel is each person’s individual achievement in the world and how success should be perceived in relation to the good of mankind. The author explores what would happen when the success and achievements of individuals is stifled and they are devalued—even made to appear as heartless, greedy individuals…all because they believed in the capitalism and the American dream—to work hard and succeed.

The characters are complex and Rand’s theme may seem intellectual and possibly “boring;” however, as the novel translates to the movie, the characters come to life in a compelling way. The plot combines inspirational ideas, drama, romance and the mysterious character of John Galt. I loved the character of Dagny Taggart. She is a woman who knows what she wants. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also intelligent and gutsy. She stands up for her principles in a world devoid of men and women of true character.

Dagny embraces the values of capitalism and knows that this system is what can and will save the world that is on the brink of economic disaster. The Government and its micromanagement is not the catalyst for rebirth of a society built upon individual rights and the opportunity to follow your dreams for success. Your success can be shared with the world, but on your own terms and not because the Government wants to steal it from you. That is tyranny, not a free society.

The male lead character is Henry Reardon. His philosophy was to succeed in business and make money. He was not afraid to admit that he was in business to earn a living. Of course he wasn’t a selfish man who didn’t care about humanity. However, he realized that capitalism was the answer and it was his right to work hard and succeed in life. He would not bow down to the politicians and Government bureaucracy who wanted “to steal” from his business and devalue his rights as a businessman. The villains in the movie aren’t your usual “evil” bad guys but rather wolves in sheep’s’ clothing.

This is definitely a must-see movie, especially if you value your freedoms and believe in the Constitution and what our Founding Fathers wanted for America.

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