The Writing Life: Finding the Place Where We Belong

Finding the Place Where We Belong

By, Melody Delgado

We’ve probably all done it. Struck out at home plate. Stepped on someone’s toes while dancing. Stumbled all over our words while speaking in public. It happens.

But what about when it happens professionally? We pound the pavement looking for work, go to interview after interview, but still no offer. Or, we finally get an offer, work with a company for several years, but advancement seems to happen only in our dreams? What then?

Let’s go back to the baseball analogy. As kids, when we would strike out in baseball and couldn’t seem to catch a fly ball, what happened? Well, for most of us, we searched for something else we might be good at. Maybe we tried football. In my case, it was powder puff. But I gave up on that after running toward the wrong goal line. Yup. It happened. Then I tried basketball and realized I could actually make a basket. Until someone over 5’2’’ blocked me!

Professionally, we can do the same thing. We may find out that we should be performing a different role than the one we were initially hired to do.

One way to find out where we should be is to learn a new skill and then try it on for size. Sometimes the new skill fits, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it might just need a bit of adjusting. We may even need to learn more new skills in order to find our true calling. Then, finally, all that time spent doing the wrong thing leads us to where we are supposed to be.

It can be that way in our jobs. It can be that way in our lives.

People around us may use terms like ‘not achieving your full potential’ to describe this slow process of finding the right niche. We may even hear the word ‘failure’ used. But let’s take a look at this process with fresh eyes. Are we really not operating at our full potential? Or is the process of finding where we belong, simply that? A process. A journey. A way to reach our full potential!

To those still looking to find where they belong, enjoy the ride. Relish the process. Ignore the naysayers and the closed doors. Who knows where the journey may lead?

Meet the Author

Melody Delgado has been a published writer since 2000. Her YA/Adult novel, ROYALLY ENTITLED, was released digitally by Clean Reads in May, 2017. It recently won a Readers' Favorite award in the category of Historical Christian Romance. A humorous children’s novel, OOPS-A-DAISY, was just released by Clean Reads.

You can find her on Twitter or at her website.

You can find Melody's columns here at Pandora's Box Gazette the 3rd Thursday each month.

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