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The Book Corner: Series Reader…In Order or Out of Order, That is the Question

Series Reader…in Order or Out of Order, That is the Question

By, Babs Hightower

It all depends on what I am reading and what genre.

If it is romance series I know can be read as a stand a lone, I will read what looks good and attacks my attention. It also has to deal with who the author is. Even some stand alone books have some of the same characters. It might behoove you to read some books in order if you want to know who the characters are and what they are like etc.

When it comes to cozy mysteries I like to read the books in order. Characters can come and go and you learn more about the way they are, habits, looks, etc as you read. Some have romantic interest and other things that keep second stories going in the series behind the main plot. With that said some you can pick up in the middle of the series and still not be too lost. Most authors will give a bit of back history to let you know some of what has happened.

On the down side, mysteries are the most to be predisposed toward a long-running series. It might be daunting, but I know it is a challenge I must stick with in reading and I love it.

Things to consider when trying to read a series. If you try to go around, you might end up keeping a series in your to be read pile forever.

You can start from the beginning. You won’t feel confused with all the characters going forward and know what is going on with secondary stories etc. The only downside is the first book might not be as great as the others in the series.

I know a few people who read the series backwards. The only thing I wouldn’t like is knowing what is going to happen. Although this could be a good thing if you don’t like the series you can quit. But also, it could be the first several books were great, and the series started to go down hill.

Last would be to read a series in any order that you like. I would think this would only work with a few types of series. Especially if there was a lot of history between characters or going back to certain events, things of that nature.

Tell us how you read. What do you think of reading things out of order or even in order?

Meet the Author

Babs Hightower is an avid reader and blog owner. She has been reviewing books and helping authors since 2008. In 2013 became a publicist with a couple of publishers and with BTSE magazine.

Being a ghost writer for two years brought on her love of writing. Writing for various authors and their blogs helped her to see authors are real people too. They need help just like the rest of us. She enjoys running her blogs and helping authors and readers connect. When she has free time she loves to cook, make crafts, spend time outdoors and spending time with her family.

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