Business Vault: Focus Your Energy

Focus your energy on your skills. When you don’t focus on what you’re good at, you get more stress and lose sales in your business. Focusing on your skills allows you to focus on the right thing instinctively all day long. Acknowledge what your body and spirit is instinctively telling you.

What is producing sales in your business? If something that you’re doing in your business is not getting you sales, then you are wasting your time and need to eliminate that factor from your business. Focus on what is working and always be open to making necessary changes in your business.

The best way to get sales is to know your niche market and have specifically targeted marketing to your leads. You need to know who are the right leads to target—target the entrepreneurs and the same like-minded people who are interested in your product. Your target market is the leads that are ready to buy your product and don’t have to be convinced to buy from your business. They know what they want and are ready to buy, no matter what. Don’t waste your time on leads that waste your time. You know the people who keep saying that they’re going to buy your products, but never do.

However, broaden your horizons and don’t be too closed-minded so that you lose possible leads. Find the balance of identifying your target market. Focus on the people who have already purchased products in your niche. If you’re in a legitimate home based business and you’re looking for prospects, then you’ll have success by locating similar people who have been affiliates as well. Try to recruit people who have been successful with their own legitimate home based business. Success begets success. Don’t be close minded to a newbie, but learn to be smart in the generalized area that you’re looking to for your target market.

Ask yourself why you joined your current business? Were you looking for time freedom? Did you need added income each month?

That’s why most people have joined a home business as affiliates. So, target people who can answer these questions with similar answers to the way you answered those questions.

The only factor that matters in your business is sales and predictable revenue. You need to have reliable monthly income. If you’re not making money in your business, then you need to re-evaluate the situation or try something new. Eventually your “likability factor” will wear out and if your team is not making money, they’ll eventually leave. They may like your products and continue to buy them, but if no one is actually making real money in their business, then they will stop marketing. Most people need to make real progress in at least 90 days and then they’ll stick with it. Even if they aren’t making mega bucks within that time, but are at least making good progress in the right direction, they’ll stick with it. If they leave, they’ll just start up with another home business company.

It’s easier to get someone who’s already spent money, to spend money with you and your business. That’s what up-selling is all about. Most of your business will come from up-selling your customers. If you don’t up-sell, then your affiliates won’t up-sell either. The cheapest leads are not always the best, so don’t waste your time on buying email lead lists from companies. Those lists also get resold to others who are also prospecting. Wouldn’t you rather get five ready-to-get-started-leads than 250 not-so-sure-leads? That’s another no-brainer.

Stay focused, make intelligent business decisions, and always be open to re-evaluating your business strategies so that you become a success.

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