Latayne's Corner: Jewels for an Elderly Friend?

Jewels for an Elderly Friend?

By, Latayne C. Scott

You may have a senior citizen friend who is a “gem” in your eyes. Here’s the voice of experience to anyone who is considering buying a gift of jewelry for someone who is, ahem, older than you.

Ask yourself: Does your friend wear much jewelry? People who don’t wear much may not enjoy it. Or she may, like many, have a metal sensitivity.

If she does wear jewelry, please don't give to a woman middle-aged or older (or to any woman who lives alone):

  • A necklace that can't be easily latched, nor one with a chain so delicate you have to pick the knots apart with a safety pin.

  • Any non-adjustable ring unless you know a ring size.

  • Earrings with itty-bitty backs

  • Heavy earrings or necklaces – they are hard on delicate skin

  • A pin or brooch with a very small clasp

  • Any bracelet that can't be latched with one arthritic hand.

The problem with bracelets isn't just putting them on. One lady I know couldn’t get her bracelet off and had to go to bed wearing an uncomfortable bracelet until she went out the next morning to find someone to help take it off. Another lady caused her neighbors to wonder if she dressed up to take out the trash.

One solution: many necklaces and bracelets have magnetic latches that are much easier to latch and remove.

Happy shopping!

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