The Writing Life: Writing Ezine Articles

Writing Ezine Articles

By, Joanne Troppello

Do you enjoy writing articles? If you do, you might want to check out Ezine Articles. This is an online hub for authors and other writers to submit their quality, original written articles to be posted at this site. This is an awesome way for you to write about what you enjoy and get more exposure, added credibility and traffic sent back to your blog or website. You can check out my profile at Ezine Articles.

So how do you start with article submission?

Membership with Ezine is Free, which is awesome. You don’t get paid for writing articles with Ezine; however, you earn in other ways.

You get “paid back” with free traffic sent to your website or blog.

You can add your bio and byline with website and blog link to each article that you post. Interested readers can check out your profile page to read other articles you’ve written. They can also subscribe to your articles and you can post a subscribe widget to your blog or website.

What kind of categories can you submit your Ezine Articles for?

Here are some of the categories: arts and entertainment, book reviews, business, computers and technology, finance, food and drink, health and fitness, home based business, home improvement, insurance, internet businesses online, investing, legal, news and society, recreation and sports to name just a few.

Ezine Articles has a searchable database of hundreds of thousands of high-quality original articles. This also provides fresh content for publishers who want to fill up their newsletters…they can pick up to 25 articles per year.

What are some benefits of submitting to Ezine?

As a member with Ezine, you will benefit from exposure to hundreds of thousands of their loyal audience. Your articles will have the opportunity to be exposed to millions of visitors. Doesn’t this sound like a way to get your fresh content out there to a new audience, rather than waiting around for syndication for your articles, which might never happen any other way?

Ezine wants to benefit their members and they base their decisions on what will benefit them the most. Isn’t that also comforting? They want to get article submissions reviewed as quickly and concisely as possible to provide a better, more complete experience for everyone involved.

If you have a passion for article writing and want to share your opinions and passions with others, why not give Ezine Articles a shot?

It will definitely benefit you in the long run by bring reciprocal traffic back to your blog and website. For more info and how you can get started, visit: about Ezine Articles.

If you're a freelance writer, where do you submit to and do you have any advice to share for new writers? For any novice writers, do you have any questions about getting started in the industry?

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