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The Writing Life: Life as a Freelance Copywriter

Life as a Freelance Copywriter

By, Joanne Troppello

As a freelance copywriter, you write “copy” or content for others for payment. Not everyone in the world has the ability to write well. If that’s a surprise to you than apparently you haven’t seen some of the content online these days. I’ve seen many online content and articles which have been full of grammatical errors and made no sense at all. As a business owner, I would never put such sloppy copy on my website or on one of my blogs.

Now, if you’re writing for another business owner who doesn’t want to or doesn’t have the ability to write his or her own content—this person doesn’t want sloppy copy either. That type of content won’t present a professional image and won’t sell. Business owners need fresh content all the time. They may need this content for their website or blog or to be posted on an online magazine and all this is done to generate traffic flow to their online hub. Their hub is their website or blog with connections to all of their profiles on social media sites.

Freelance copywriters usually work on an assignment basis and if you do good work, you’ll get repeat leads.

Sounds simple, right?

It is simple if you follow some rules and don’t run into various problems which can send your freelance writing career down the tubes. The best technique is to always provide great content for your clients. Now, your client might be a direct client who you have straight contact with and there is no middleman. You may have some indirect clients who hire a contracting firm to supply one of their freelancers to writer content for them. If you provide top-notch content, with your unique voice and you submit it in a timely manner within deadlines, then you’ll have no problem getting repeat assignments.

One of the biggest issues is freelancers who plagiarize and use content which is not their own and claim that it is. Let’s say for example that you plagiarized content for an article that you submitted to your client. If they ascertain that it was indeed plagiarized, you can say good-bye to a credible career. Just think how much damage this can do if your plagiarism wasn’t caught and the content was used on the client’s website or blog or in an article linking to their online hub. That is definitely not a situation you want to find yourself in.

Usually if a client asks for you to write content for them, you are given specific keywords to use.

There is a point to that and not just to drive you nuts.

Those key words are used for SEO which is search engine optimization in order to drive organic traffic to the client’s online hub. The key is to organically input these topical key words into the article content in a way which reads naturally and isn’t forced or looks like it was done “on purpose.”

There are so many benefits to becoming a freelance copy writer and to reach a full-time work from home position takes hard work and dedication; however, if you put in the dedicated effort, you will succeed. Take the time to learn some simple techniques and always remain ethical and you will build up your credibility as a real freelance writer and will never be wanting for more assignments.

Freelance Writing Gigs is an excellent source that lists legitimate freelance copywriting opportunities. The site administrator compiles genuine job postings from various online sources into one place. Check back daily to find new job opportunities. I have found excellent freelance opportunities on this site and have been accepted on various projects as a freelancer.

It is important to do your due diligence and find credible companies that actually pay good money for freelance content.

I am a freelance copywriter for Content Writers and have enjoyed writing for them. I have worked on a variety of topics and assignments. The editors and managers are great. I have grown as a writer and enjoy the team work in the editing process. They are a very professional and legitimate company to work for as a freelance writer.

If you're a freelance writer, where do you look to find writing jobs? If you have any advice to share with beginning writers, feel free to do so. We'd love to hear from novice writers who have questions about the industry. Please feel free to comment below.

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