Business Corner: Work Your Business, Don’t Let Your Business Work You

Work Your Business, Don’t Let Your Business Work You

By, Joanne Troppello

If you have a home business, a major pitfall is that you may end up allowing your business to work you rather than working your business. You need to be in control of your business at all times and know when to leave the office and go home. However, for those who operate their business out of their home, is it possible to separate work from home life? It is possible and extremely vital if you are going to be successful in working your business and not the other way around.

If you’re a freelance writer, author, owner of an online business or other home based business, are you having trouble leaving your work “at the office” when your office is actually in your home?

This column is coming from personal experience. My husband and I own and operate Mustard Seed Marketing Group, LLC Mustard Seed Marketing Group, LLC, we are Ind. Distributors with Shaklee, and we created Pandora’s Box Gazette.

Our plate is full, but we enjoy our work and helping others succeed. It Only Takes a Mustard Seed to Make a Dream Grow. That’s our motto and we want to live with that philosophy each day.

So how do you figure out a way to keep your business and personal life separate?

To begin with, you need to set boundaries. For example, if you take calls from clients, set hours during the day, perhaps from 9 am – 5 pm, to only answer our phone. If you answer the phone or deal with emails and other communications with your clients and customers after hours, you’ll run yourself ragged.

You also need to set specific hours that you will be working on your business. If you do freelance writing, have a time limit when you stop writing. Everyone needs time to relax. If you’re working your business all day long and never take time to step away, you’ll burn yourself out. Your business will be working you. If you have a room in your house for an office area, that’s the best option for you. However, if you don’t have a separate room, you need to keep your work area separate. You’ll need to work harder to keep disciplined to stopping working at a designated time and start living your life.

I work with my husband, which works well for us to help each other keep to certain boundaries. If you work alone, you’ll need to be disciplined and keep to your hourly boundaries.

Write down your schedule so you’ll be more prone to follow it. If you are having trouble keeping boundaries, get an accountability partner who can offer you the support and encouragement you’ll need to get your business life and home life into a cohesive balance.

Do you own your own business? Are you an author, freelance writer, or entrepreneur who works from home? Have you found a way to work your business so that it doesn't work you?

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