Holiday Corner: Christmas Memories

Christmas is almost here and we invited some of our columnists to share their favorite Christmas memories. They have some great memories to share. Hope this will help to get you even more in to the spirit of Christmas!

An Unforgettable Gift

By, Rachel Schmoyer

I had never been on a plane before. Aside from two bus trips in high school, I had only really been in the Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York area. Since my four kids were very young and we didn’t have much money, going on a plane trip was not on my radar.

Not that I didn’t have anywhere to go. It had been almost two years since my best friend had moved to Texas with her family. I missed her so much! We had gone from seeing each other multiple times a week to talking to each other on the phone once a week. I had no hope of being able to see her in person any time soon.

Then came the Christmas morning I will never forget. After the little ones had opened up their gifts and my husband and I had finished up opening our presents to each other, my husband said, “There is one more thing…” and handed me a plain white envelope. Curious, I slid it open and unfolded the computer printout. At first I didn’t make sense of what was written inside. Then it dawned on me when I saw “Southwest Airlines” and “Houston, Texas.” My husband had bought me plane tickets! To visit my best friend! I gasped! Warmth spread from head to toe as the reality of it all sunk it. I will always remember his thoughtful gift.

Meet the Author

Rachel Schmoyer is a pastor’s wife and mom of four. She blogs about finding simple truths in complex passages of Scripture at Read the Hard Parts. She also writes about parenting and other adventures at Rachel Schmoyer Writes. If she is not writing, she is probably reading, most likely a biography of one of the First Ladies of the United States. You can connect with Rachel online at Twitter.

Christmas Memories

By, Jim Hughes

One of the things that I remember about growing up was shortly after Thanksgiving my dad would bring out half a grocery sack full of nuts of all kinds. We would eat them throughout the holiday season and I always looked forward to it, so much so that my wife and kids get me some every year to munch on as I watch TV throughout the season.

Also, I remember my mom hiding Christmas presents up in our attic. Of course, the attic was off limits for us until after the holidays. It was the one time of the year that my parents splurged on us and the tree was always full to overflowing on Christmas morning.

Meet the Author

I am a retired pastor having served the church mainly has a bi-vocational pastor for over 40 years. I have been married for over 40 years and we have two married children and a single son. I have an online ministry, posting daily devotionals and tweeting on faith and marriage.

I have authored a series of devotional books covering every book of the Bible and several marriage books.

Readers can visit my webpage. I tweet at 4248 and I post devotionals at my blog and on Facebook.

My Favorite Christmas Memory

By, Eve Culley

Christmas 1960, I was nine years old. Our family lived in an upstairs two bedroom apartment. Mother and Daddy were saving money for our first home so we knew that our Christmas wish list would be small. The three children (of which I was the oldest) were told to pick one thing to ask Santa for Christmas. My wish was for a dark haired Barbie doll. She was so pretty and I desperately wanted one. She was to be my very own status symbol at school. In secret, Mother had been making Barbie doll clothes for several weeks.

We also had a pet squirrel that had free run in the apartment. Daddy had found him when he had fallen out of the nest with his mother dead on the ground beside him. His eyes weren’t even open and we didn’t think he would survive. However, Mother carefully and lovingly fed him every two hours with an eyedropper and Whirly survived. As he grew, he had access to the back porch and to the big Dutch Elm trees that grew all around our small neighborhood. In the evenings he would come when called into the house at night to sleep. That Christmas, Whirly was about eight months old and into everything in the house. He slept in our bedroom on the bunk beds with my sister Mary and I or the small bed that Billy used.

Very early Christmas morning my younger sister, brother and I were up. We loudly woke Mother and Daddy and all of us tumbled into our small living room that held an even smaller table top Christmas tree. The tree was weighed down with mostly handmade and some store bought ornaments. Santa had come and left our presents. We were so excited. Because it was so early in the morning, Mother said we could each open one present and then we would have to go back to bed.

My Christmas wrapped rectangular box held my beautiful Barbie doll. I was so excited. She had a swimsuit and high heels. I very carefully carried her back to bed with me cuddling her close to me as I drifted back to sleep. When I woke several hours later I was devastated. Sometime in the few hours I slept, Whirly came into my bed and chewed off the toes of Barbie’s one foot. The only way she could stand was in her high heels. Of course, she could not be replaced. I was told it was my fault for not taking better care of my new doll. It was a life lesson that I have never forgot but still one of my favorite Christmas memories.

Meet the Author

My hubby and I were missionaries in the 70’s and 80’s raising money for Bibles, New Testaments, Book of John, paper, ink and helped set up a couple of print shops in churches. We traveled with our 2 small boys with our base here in Texas.

With our family grown and grand-children galore, we live in west-central Texas with a barn full of critters enjoying the country life.

Connect on Eve's website or Twitter.

Christmas Memory

By, Susan Sage

Traveling from Alberta, Canada to Texas for Christmas is a gamble, especially pulling an 18-foot trailer. Living in Canada, Dad had driven many miles over snowy roads, but journeying this far at this time proved challenging, especially on our second travel day.

Two hours from our planned stop for the night, the wind began to blow snow across the road. My brother, sister, and I nestled together for warmth. Mom, Dad, and another brother sat in front seat. The gusts grew stronger outside the car.

Bang. Thud. The trailer swayed. Dad fought the steering wheel.

And Mom prayed. Gentle. Words of confidence and trust in God. Calm.

We chugged off the highway glad to see a garage just feet from the exit. The attendant came out of the building as Dad stepped out.

As Dad got in the car, wind and snow snuck in.

“This is where we’re staying tonight. We’ll plug into his shop and tomorrow he’ll get the part we need. We’ll pull out early Christmas morning.”

Dad and my brothers got busy. They unhooked everything and pushed the car into the garage.

Mom, my sister, and I went in the trailer. Within moments, Mom had soup on the little stove. My sister and I pulled out a very tiny ceramic Christmas tree, looped garland through cabinet handles, and hung a few ornaments on the swoop of the swags.

This had not been part of the plan but as we sat together later that evening, our little heater and oven turned high, wrapped in blankets and playing games around the table, my heart felt warm and safe. We sang Silent Night and other Christmas songs. Still, 45 years later, this is one of my most treasured Christmas memories. Christmas. Safe. Warm. Together. Beautiful.

Meet the Author

New to north Idaho, Susan Sage and her husband are enjoying getting to know the new area. She continues to work on her craft writing about God’s purpose and sovereignty in all aspects of life. She enjoys writing devotionals and flash fiction. She enjoys mentoring other writers who are new to the craft.

She is currently working on revising her website, which should be up in the next few months.

You can find her on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

A special thank you to our columnists for sharing some great Christmas memories with us today. What's your favorite Christmas memory?

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