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Live Well Corner: Stay Fit During the Holidays

Stay Fit during the Holidays

By, Joanne Troppello

Many times during the holidays we have a tendency to put health and fitness on the back burner because we’re so busy and attending so many parties and family gatherings. How do we plan to stay fit during the holiday season?

One of the main things you need to do is make a commitment to staying fit and healthy. It’s so easy to stop going to the gym and getting lazy and not eating right. However, if you make that commitment to stay disciplined, you’ll be way ahead of the game. If you need to decrease your exercise regimen, go from four days to three or three days to two, but at least try to keep with exercising two days a week.

You’ll definitely be doing a lot of shopping this season with holiday gift giving—make sure to park your car further down the parking lot so that you need to walk more on the way to the store. If you can handle the cooler weather, don’t stop taking walks outside; although, be smart and don’t walk in the icy and snowy weather outside. Nature will give you its own work out when you shovel snow in the driveway. Remember to make sure you shovel the right way so you don’t injure your back.

Maintain your healthy diet. Of course with all the holiday dining and parties, it’s easy to falter. It’s the holiday season and you don’t want to ignore all the goodies and desserts—so partake, but make sure to eat in balance. Don’t splurge on all things sweet and delectable and fatty foods, without still eating healthy foods. If you’re having your own holiday party, check out healthy snacks and desserts and offer those to your guests. There are so many ideas you can find on making healthy snacks that your guests will love. Just do your research.

Keep drinking water and don’t skip out on that. If you are chilled this winter, start drinking hot green tea. It’s a great natural detox and studies have found that it’s a good aid in fighting cancer, heart disease and lowering cholesterol.

Lastly, don’t forget to work hard to keep your sanity. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can cause you stress, along with emotional highs that will lower once the holidays end in January. In the winter months of January and February—especially for those in the snowy climates—you’ll be more prone to cabin fever and gloomy moods due to lack of sunshine and warmer weather.

Try to keep a focused attitude and be thankful every day and learn to change your perspective to see the good things even during the winter. Spend quality time with your family and try to enjoy the holiday season and store up those emotional highs to help you last through the winter months. Also drink lots of orange juice or take vitamin C, D and B supplements. In the wintertime, we don’t get the same amount of vitamin D from the sun as we do during the summer months. Another way to boost your mood is to take fish oil supplements and vitamin B supplements.

Do you have any creative ideas on how to stay fit during the holiday season?

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