Latayne's Corner: Christ, Come Softly

Christ, Come Softly 

(Acrostic Poem)

By Latayne C. Scott

Christ, come softly: the uneven way

Has been prepared. Though angels

Rampant crowd the skies, each one

In his own way praising Thee-- Softly,

Softly come. Through tribulation and joy,

This night whispers hope.

(In exultation, my heart's own voice

Sings! And even the voiceless and deaf rejoice!)

But silvered silence sighs. The skies are emptied now, and

Only for now, the Logos-Child speaks not.

Remembering vows, and veils, and the cup to come, He

Now sleeps. Softly, softly: Christ.

(c) Latayne C. Scott

Meet the Author

Latayne C. Scott is the author of over 2 dozen published books and hundreds of magazine articles. Her latest books are A Conspiracy of Breath (TSU Press, 2017), The Parables of Jesus (TSU Press, 2017), and as a contributor to Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed Their Minds (Kregel, 2017.)

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What did you think about her beautiful poem about the true meaning for Christmas: Jesus Christ? How will you be spending Christmas this year? 

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