The Book Corner: Interview with Lizzie Leaf

Authors Over 50: Interview with Lizzie Leaf

By Babs Hightower

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a wife, mother and grandmother of a blended tribe. When the local family gets together there are around 15 of us and madness ensues. The biggest arguments are between the older kids over who gets to hold the baby, which should be fun this Christmas since a new one arrived less than a week ago.

My husband and I enjoy food and travel. There are a lot of interesting places and people in the world and we are fortunate to have been to over 70 countries, and would go back to most of them in a heartbeat if we had all the money we don’t have.

Would you say older writers have more advantage over others?

In area of life experiences, yes. All the ups and downs we have lived through and the things we have seen or experienced, gives good fodder for the fiction world.

What are you currently working on?

I took a break from writing over the past year. Several of my publishers closing hit me hard and affected my attitude. But now I’m working to revise and re-release a number of the works I received my rights back on. Plus, I am currently working on the third book in the Magical Love series which should release in the first quarter of next year. In addition, my alter ego is working on a YA and a World War II Historical. Lots of research needed on both of those since the YA deals with death and bullying in today’s world, and of course, the WWII requires lots of accuracy on the history.

What would you say to other older authors?

Don’t let anyone discourage your dreams. If writing is one of them, go for it. Prior to the advent of self-publishing writers, especially women were advised not to disclose their age. The big publishers didn’t want to deal with aging authors. In fact, one editor with a NYC publishing house told me no one wanted to read romances with forty year old heroines.

Now you can do it on your own. A number of authors who have taken that route are doing very well. If you dream about writing, stop the dreaming and put the words on paper instead of allowing the stories to play out in your head. Also, study the craft. There are lots of books to help you learn flow, plotting, character building, and the other elements needed to create a story. Don’t publish without having your work edited by a good editor. No matter how ‘great’ you think your book or story is, you still need to have fresh eyes look for mistakes or what doesn’t make sense.

What do you find to be the most challenging part of writing? And the most rewarding?

The most challenging for me at times is putting ‘butt in chair’ and fingers on the keyboard to write not browse social media.

The most rewarding is someone telling me how much they enjoyed one of my books or stories.

About Beyond Magic

Following the Powers directive to unite soul mates, a Scottish Cailleach's magic will have repercussions in several realms. Mixed-blood author Ian McCabe, grandson of Fae and gods, tries to deny his powers while hiding his true origins from the human world. When he discovers mortal, Emma Grant unconscious at his front door, his world starts to change. Tour director Emma Grant leads a group of senior ladies through Scotland. The breakdown of their bus on a rural Scottish backroad has her sloshing through the rain and mud on foot. Her efforts to seek help results in a fall that knocks her unconscious. She awakens to find the man of her dreams staring into her eyes. Both feel an instant attraction, but will his secrets and her distrust of men keep them apart.

Meet Babs Hightower

Babs Hightower is an avid reader and blog owner. She has been reviewing books and helping authors since 2008. In 2013 became a publicist with a couple of publishers and with BTSE magazine. Being a ghost writer for two years brought on her love of writing. Writing for various authors and their blogs helped her to see authors are real people too. They need help just like the rest of us. She enjoys running her blogs and helping authors and readers connect. When she has free time she loves to cook, make crafts, spend time outdoors and spending time with her family.

You can connect with Babs online at BabsBookBistro, SleuthCafe, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.

You can read Babs' "Book Corner" column here at Pandora's Box Gazette on the 4th Saturday each month.

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