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Lifestyle Corner: Have you Made any New Year's Resolutions for 2018?

A resolution is defined as a “firm decision to do something or not to do it”. Many times people make resolutions as they get ready to embark on a new year. However, as the days go by they lose their determination and the resolution fails. Some people are determined to keep their resolutions and have great success in completing them.

In a recent NBC News article, they cited research completed by iQuanti, which defined the most popular resolutions made last year. Here are seven of those top resolutions:

  • Improve Personal Health

  • Become More Organized

  • Seize Each Moment of the Day

  • Start a New Hobby

  • Spend Less Money and Save More

  • Take Time to Travel

  • Become an Avid Reader

Maybe some of these resolutions are things you’d like to accomplish in this new year. As we have now entered 2018, have you made any resolutions? Do you think you will achieve them? What resolutions have you made in the past that you accomplished during the year?

The American Psychological Association has created a listing of tips for ways to ensure that you’ll stick to your resolutions.

They suggest that you make simple resolutions that aren’t too difficult to keep. This way, you’ll improve your chances of sticking with them. They advise that is it important to focus on changing only one behavior at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed with the changes and quit on your resolutions. The APA suggests that you find an accountability partner to help you stay focused on your goals and can more easily accomplish them. Finally, they encourage people not to feel defeated if they mess up and don’t complete all their goals. Talk to your accountability partner or family and friends and get back on track.

We asked one of our monthly columnists, Jim Hughes to share a time when he made a New Year’s resolution and what happened. Here’s what he said:

I made a New Year's resolution several years ago to read through the Bible at least once a year. I have, by God's grace, far surpassed that goal. I now read it at least 5 times a year and will soon have read it for at least 71 times. The Lord is so good to me enabling me to do it. My next goal is, if the Lord allows it, to reach 100 times through.

Now that is determination! Congrats to Jim for staying focused on his resolution to read through the Bible and for surpassing that goal. We all can move even further from making a New Year’s resolution and become more productive by setting goals each month. Start to evaluate your life and figure out what immediate, short-term, and long-term goals you want to accomplish this year.

Check out some of these excellent goal tracking apps described by Some of those apps include Strides, Way of Life, Goals on Track,, and ATracker. You can find out more details by checking out their article.

Connect with Jim Hughes

I am a retired pastor having served the church mainly has a bi-vocational pastor for over 40 years. I have been married for over 40 years and we have two married children and a single son. I have an online ministry, posting daily devotionals and tweeting on faith and marriage.

I have authored a series of devotional books covering every book of the Bible and several marriage books.

Readers can visit my webpage. I tweet at 4248 and I post devotionals at my blog and on Facebook.

So, have you made any resolutions for 2018? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to comment below.

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