Family Life: What to Do on a Snow Day

What to Do on a Snow Day

By Rachel Schmoyer

We’ve had quite a few snow days already this year with the promise of more to come!

Here is what the Schmoyer family likes to do on a snow day:

  • Host a family cookie wars or cupcake wars. Give each family member a bowl of batter. Present a couple of challenge ingredients and let each family member create a unique treat. Judge each other’s final product by taste and presentation. In our house we give each person an award: most creative, most tasty, most ambitious, etc.

  • Play board games especially the ones that take a long time to play like Settlers of Catan, Life, or Monopoly.

  • Go through family pictures. Watch a slideshow of digital pictures or flip through a scrapbook or photo album. Now that the kids are a little older, I give them the job to create photobooks to print and layout the pages and caption the photos.

  • Have an indoor picnic for lunch time. This is usually because the table is full from whatever artsy project the kids are in the middle of.

  • There is something about a snow day that makes you aware of nature more so than a normal day. When night falls, watch a nature show like Frozen Planet.

  • Clean out a junk drawer, overflowing closet, or under the kids’ beds. Not only will you clear out some clutter, but you will probably find some hidden treasures!

  • Make homemade slime by mixing together school glue, shaving gel, contact solution, and food coloring, if desired.

  • Share a story by reading aloud. My kids and I have a fond memory of reading Stone Fox together because we all cried at the ending!

  • Play in the snow! Evelyn, my 11 year old, suggests lying still in the snow while it’s snowing and watch the snowflakes fall into your face.

  • Surprise your neighbor and shovel his sidewalk.

More ideas for outdoor snow day fun:

  • Use the snow to make hard candy Little House on the Prairie Style. In a saucepan, bring molasses and brown sugar to a boil. Stir constantly. Once it boils, slowly pour the liquid in thin streams into a pan of fresh snow. The snow instantly cools the melted brown liquid into hard candy.

  • Paint your snow-covered yard by filling spray bottles with food coloring and water or Kool-Aid and water. Let the kids spray the colored water onto the snow.

  • Play snowball basketball with a bucket or trash can.

More ideas for indoor snow day fun:

  • Use your fine china and have a formal dinner. Create several courses like a soup, salad, dinner, and dessert. Even if the food is simple, the meal will be fancy because of the dishes. A snow day is the perfect time to enjoy a leisurely meal.

  • Take care of yourself with a spa day. Paint your nails, moisturize your hair, or give yourself pedicure.

  • Use your phone. Not to scroll through Instagram, but actually call someone that you haven’t talked to in a while and have a conversation. Catch up with them and ask them how they are.

What does your family like to do on a snow day? Comment below!

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