Fashion Passion: Mixing It Up

Mixing It Up

with Rose Cavallaro LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant

Pattern mixing has become a trend that to some may seem overwhelming to try. Sure, it looks amazing, but what are the rules? What works? What doesn’t?

The idea is to create depth while still having a well-balanced trendy look. Once I got started, I caught on quickly after learning a few tips.

1. Be sure the two pieces have a color or two in common.

They may look different in pattern, but as long as they have some common ground with a color, they can share a space and live in harmony with each other (that space being your body of course).

2. Those two pieces should not only have a common color to create a base, but they should have different patterns.

One piece should have a print that is bolder and is the leader of your look. While the second is subtler and takes on more of a supportive role to the first piece. They should not be in competition with one another. They complement each other’s personality while giving your style some personality! Work it girl!

Stripes/dots mixed with florals is a great place to start and, in my opinion, looks AMAZING!!!

3. Add in a solid accessory or solid third piece.

Jacket, pants, purse…This will help a beginner feel more comfortable with making the trendy transition.

4.When you start to get the hang of it, you can begin to add in a third pattern.

MEDIUM - one piece should be the mediator to keep peace between the three. It is the piece that has a distinct color in common with each separate piece. Here, the medium has blue to go with the stripes and black to go with the dots.

LARGE and SMALL - one piece is a larger print (blue and white stripes) while the other is a smaller print (the polka dots). This follows the rule in #2. Keeping one pattern less aggressive and lets the other take on more of the spotlight.

Want to keep it to just two mixed pieces still, no problem! Just take away the blue striped print or the polka dots. Either way, you will be looking good and styling!

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