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Nanny's Corner: Nanny’s House Rules

Nanny’s House Rules

By Paula Thomas

Being a grandparent is very rewarding, as those of you who are grandparents will agree. Just think about how you let the kids get away with things that you would never have thought of letting your own kids do. I know my kids tell me, “I was never able to do that.” Being a grandparent is one of the biggest blessings a person can have. I am going to list some of the rules that I have seen on a plaque that I like.

First of all, the grandkids are always welcome. Once they get here, they can eat dessert first. Ari, Bri, and Abram will eat their snack first. Emerson on the other hand usually waits until he eats his food first. I asked him, “What’s up with that?” He said he wants to leave the best for last. Ok I can agree with that. They can have milk and cookies 24/7. Now what grandparent doesn’t give them what they want when they ask for it? It is expected that they will be spoiled when they are with me. Sometimes my kids will tell them that I spoil their kids too much. I then point to the plaque and tell them to read it. Of course, they shake their heads. Then they give up asking me not to do that. I see it as making memories with my grandkids. Don’t you agree?

Anyway, I don’t get much work done while they are with me—which is 5 days a week—because we all must play games and have fun. Plus, we have story telling. Sometimes we sing the story. It is amazing how fascinated they are when I make up a story. So much fun!!! Bedtime is negotiable when they sleep over, but not for their naps. I tell them I need a rest too. There are endless hugs and kisses. This usually happens more at their naptime. Every time I sit down Ari will say, “Nanny you forgot to give me a hug and a kiss.” I tell her I just gave you one. She will reach out her little arms until I give her another one. Then she will tell me, “Now give Bri a hug and a kiss.” Sometimes this happens four or five times. I love every minute of it.

Another one of my favorite times is when we watch tv and they want to snuggle. The final rule here is that they laugh and giggle a lot. It is time to have fun. Now do they fight sometimes? Of course, but that doesn’t happen too often. When it does, that is when I sit them down and have a little chat with them. Do they listen? Well, I can honestly say 95 percent of the time they do.

Being a grandparent is very rewarding. The best thing is when I go to a soccer game for the boys and the littlest guy sees me coming—and runs to me with outstretched arms, yells “Nanny”, and every person turns around and looks at the scene that is happening before them. I am one proud Nanny. I have 14 grandchildren. This photo is of four of my grandchildren that I watch during the week. Make memories!!!

Meet the Author

Paula enjoys watching her grandchildren during the week. She loves the freedom she has to stay home and do that. To supplement her income, she became a Shaklee Consultant. She has always loved using these products. They are consistent and have superior, botanically based products. The excellent skin care products give her skin a softness and glow each and every day.

Connect with Paula at her website or on Twitter.

You can read Paula's column on the 3rd Monday each month here at Pandora's Box Gazette.

If you're a grandparent, do you have any "rules" for fun times at your house with your grandkids?

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