Sunday Inspiration: Spiritual Laryngitis

Spiritual Laryngitis

By Susan Sage

My friend and I texted over several minutes. I decided to call her so I could hear her voice. She didn’t answer so I became a bit concerned. Texting back, I asked if she was okay or just preferred not to talk. She said due to the flu bug she’d developed, she had laryngitis. I would not hear her trying to talk when I spoke.

Have you ever felt drowned out by louder voices? Many times, those voices might just be an echo of what’s in our own heart. There are many times I sit down to write and I allow lack of confidence to slip in. I question whether I really have anything to share that anyone else would care to read. Is it a waste of my time, my reader’s time, or even God’s time? I wonder if I will come up with anything useful to say. Maybe I’m developing Spiritual laryngitis.

When my focus is on what I have to offer, it makes sense that this issue surfaces. I’ve read even the most prolific writers have self-doubt.

However, when God gives us something to do for Him, it is not about self. It doesn’t matter whether it’s writing an article, a devotional, a book, serving on a committee, teaching a Bible study, raising children, … none of it. But, as humans, we think it does. We consider the task as the focal point. We might even think self is the focus. Neither are correct.

At the core is being faithful to do what God gave, to do it in His strength and confidence, and to rely on Him to use the voice He gave us to complete it. There are multiple times in the Bible where we’re told to be strong and courageous in what’s before us. But, we may miss what usually follows that teachable moment. God is with us in the task, battle, assignment, or whatever you wish to call it. He has already prepared the way and gone before us.

When we step up to live life with God, He is ready for us to come along with Him in His purpose. He wants to grow us in our relationship to learn to listen to Him and share only what He has planned.

The task is not about me. The outcome is not for me to mold. My job is to remain securely next to Him and trust His leading as I complete what He gave me to do. I am not to go off on my own and write or speak my own words. The task is His. The strength is His. The path is His. And the outcome is His. Even the strength and courage for me to stand in the assignment are His.

In anything God calls us to, self must take a backseat. When confidence begins to rock, I need to come back to His strength and confidence. When fear begins to distract, returning to His courage sets me in place. When doubt rises, I need to tell it to take a hike and then repeat His call on my life.

My friend didn’t have a choice with physical laryngitis. As we rely on God, we have all God’s resources to keep from developing Spiritual laryngitis. The choice is ours to use what He provides.

What has God called you to do where you may be allowing fear to distract you? Ask Him to get you back on the right path in His power and strength today.

About the Author

New to north Idaho, Susan Sage and her husband are enjoying getting to know the new area. She continues to work on her craft writing about God’s purpose and sovereignty in all aspects of life. She enjoys writing devotionals and flash fiction. She enjoys mentoring other writers who are new to the craft.

She is currently working on revising her website, which should be up in the next few months.

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