Write Wise Tips: 3 Easy Steps for Promoting Your Author Website

3 Easy Steps for Promoting Your Author Website

Carolyn M. Walker

A common question often asked by authors is: "How can I get more visitors to my author website?" While there is no overnight magical one-in-all answer, there are some quick and easy methods you can use right now to improve your online presence which does increase the number of visitors you get! Read on to learn what they are.

Tip #1: Tell Everyone about You (I mean everyone)

Just because you built it doesn't mean they will automatically come. You must tell them about it and often. I’m talking about spreading the word. You can't like (or love) something if you don't know about it! One of the biggest mistakes that many authors make today is not telling anyone and everyone about their book and website! It is a return to the basics, but this method is tried and true to this day.

Your book is not just a business card you quietly leave behind hoping for others to pick it up. And your website is not a detail that you may or may not mention, depending on the wind. You must own it and share with the world the great things you have brewing. Word of mouth is so important, and many people forget this. Tell everyone in the community (in person and online) and share frequently online and in your circles. Don’t be afraid to promote regularly. Connecting and communicating is half the battle to gaining new visitors.

Tip #2: Use the Right Words

When promoting yourself online, keywords are search terms that people input into search engines to find things. If you want to gain more visitors to your website, you must help yourself be found. This happens with the proper use of keywords. Be sure to use relevant keywords that relate to your industry and specific product or service. As an author, you will want to appeal to readers so keywords that are reader or literature-centric are ideal. Authors are encouraged to share about themselves outside of writing but remember to keep the focus on you and your book. Your keywords should always circle back to the topic at hand. You also treat your name as a valuable keyword on your website, which will help you to rank better when people search for you by name.

A word of warning: be careful not to overuse keywords. Obviously overusing them can get you into a lot of trouble with search engines like Google, so make sure you use them within reason. Aim to sound natural and you should be fine!

Tip #3: Blog Often

The more you blog, the more you get noticed. This is a fact. This will help to increase your website's presence over time. Why? Because blogs are considered revolving content, meaning it is viewed as new and “fresh” content, and that gains more attention from search engines. Static pages (like an 'about me' or 'contact' page) are the opposite of revolving pages or content. These typically remain the same with little updates as needed. In the end, more attention from search engines means more exposure, which is good for you!

The definition "often" can vary from person to person, but a general rule of thumb is to blog at the very least, once a month on the lightest end, to once a week on the moderate end. If you really want to get noticed even faster, blog more than once a week if you can. Remember, the more you blog, the more chances you can bring fresh content to the table and that’s what gets attention.

Regularly implementing these tips will help you on your way to better promoting your website. The best part about these three tips is that they are great starters for authors trying to drive more traffic and they work very well in tandem! It’s as easy as this: write a blog, use the right and relevant keywords, tell everyone about it, repeat! Do this more and you will start to get some traction through interactions, comments, new followers, and subscribers. Happy promoting!

About the Author

Carolyn M Walker

Carolyn M. Walker is a California native and lover of all things literary. By day, she is an experienced copywriter, editor, and marketing consultant. By night, she is an author of thrilling original fiction. After earning her Bachelors in English Literature and Psychology, she wrote her debut fiction novel, Immortal Descent, releasing April 2018.

Aside from writing, Carolyn is also passionate about art, food, travel, history, and music. She now lives in sunny Florida with her family.

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How have you been promoting your author website? Have you done any or all of these three steps?

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