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Columnist Spotlight: Melody Delgado

Columnist Spotlight: Melody Delgado

Melody Delgado is one of our regular monthly columnists who shares writing tips and lets our readers know more about her writing journey.

You can read her recent interview at Pandora’s Box Gazette.

In her “Writing Life” column: Finding the Place Where We Belong, Melody encourages readers to embrace the process of the journey and reach their full potential.

Check out Melody’s “Writing Life” column, Perseverance, where she shares her writing journey and encourages writers and readers to persevere and give all they have in life to achieve their goals.

About Her Book

She writes inspirational fiction for women and young readers. She writes with the goal of uplifting her readers by writing encouraging stories of faith, family, and friends. Her writing draws readers in with her special humorous and light-hearted touch.

We’d like to highlight Melody’s children’s novel, OOPS-A-DAISY which was recently released by Clean Reads. It is the first book in the de la Cruz series and is geared toward children ages 7 – 12 and grades 3 – 6.

Who wants to be stuck wearing a shaggy dog outfit or a chicken suit on television? Twelve-year-old aspiring singer, actress, Daisy De la Cruz, that's who. She'll do and wear just about anything to get ahead in the entertainment industry. But will all her embarrassing moments pay off and land her a spot in her arts magnet school's coveted master class where she'll be rubbing shoulders with top professionals in the entertainment industry? Or will she be doomed to play the role of an animal, vegetable or mineral forever?

About the Author

Melody Delgado has been a published writer since 2000. Her YA/Adult novel, ROYALLY ENTITLED, was released digitally by Clean Reads in May, 2017. It recently won a Readers' Favorite award in the category of Historical Christian Romance. A humorous children’s novel, OOPS-A-DAISY, was just released by Clean Reads.

You can find her on Twitter or at her website.

You can read Melody's column on the 3rd Thursday each month here at Pandora's Box Gazette.

Don't forget to save the date of Saturday, March 24th which is our online party here at the magazine.

We'll be hosting a chat in the forum, sharing interviews with our monthly columnists, and giving away prizes in our drawing. We hope you stop by to join the party!

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