PBG Online Party: Part I – Meet the Columnists

Welcome to Pandora’s Box Gazette and our online party! We’re excited to have you join us throughout the day today to meet some of our columnists and learn more about them and our magazine.

A word from the Editor-in-Chief, Joanne Troppello

Pandora's Box Gazette is an online hub where readers connect with authors, writers, entrepreneurs, and artists, and get unique views on current events. The name Pandora's Box was chosen because when people read this magazine, we want them to find content that causes them problems in a "good way" that encourages them to think outside the box and learn something new to apply to their lives.

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Meet our Columnists

We are privileged to have awesome columnists and guest contributors on our writing team. We have a variety of topics discussed in our monthly columns such as Animal Adventures, Books & Movie Reviews, Devotionals, Family Life, Flash Fiction, Gardening, Marketing, Vlogging, and Writing. Check out more details about our columnists.

Columnist Chat

So, let’s get this party started. Eve, why did you accept the invitation to be a monthly columnist at PBG?

I saw writing a monthly column for PBG as a way to stretch my skill as a writer, do something I already love doing (writing), and offer my insight on the books I review for the subscriber's consideration.

Paula, what made you decided to accept the invitation?

I like to share my views on being a grandparent. I want my readers to know how awesome and fulfilling it is. I also would like to interact act with grandparents that feel same as I do.

Carolyn, what about you?

I have a passion for writing and marketing and I wanted to share my insights with others in those areas. That is why I decided to write a column about marketing tips for writers.

Diane B., why did you accept?

It sounded like a fun thing to do. I love to talk. LOL Sharing bits about dealing with family issues seemed like a great way to connect with readers.

Linda, what about you?

Almost 3 years ago a very special critter was literally thrown into our laps. Enter Spunky Doodle, a unique, sassy, wonderfully personable little squirrel found my husband in the woods. She has been sharing joy, laughter, inspiration and squirrely antics since. It is my goal to spread this to as many people as possible.

We love to think outside the box at our magazine. Let’s find out what our columnists think about this vision. Eve, how do you feel about the PBG vision to encourage readers to think outside the box and continually learn in life?

I think that anytime a person learns to “think outside the box” is a good thing. Exercising your brain is always beneficial to a person.

That’s definitely true. Linda, what do you think about our vision?

Unless we get outside the box, we will never grow. I readily admit I don't like change, but I appreciate Pandora’s Box Gazette's vision to encourage this, broadening our horizons and sharing with others.

I don’t like change either. Diane B., what are your thoughts about our vision?

Learning is life-long. Our brains stagnate when they don’t have something new to process. I call myself an “old dog.” I figure if this old dog can learn something new, anyone can. I like shaking up the status quo, but not too much. What can I do differently? Why do I think like that? Do I think the same way I did when I left school?

I agree, it’s so important to learn new things. Paula, what do you think?

I feel that PBG provides an outlet for users to engage in thinking beyond the normal and allows them to express themselves in ways that they normally wouldn’t.

Carolyn, what do you think?

I think we can always learn something new every day. We are always able to expand and grow as individuals. Thinking outside the box is an excellent way to do this!

It’s been great to chat this morning. Our next columnist conversation will be posted at 11 am. We hope you all stick around to chat with our columnists.

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