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PBG Online Party: Part II – Making an Impact

Welcome back to our party! Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite herbal tea and join our columnists for another interesting chat on how they want to make an impact on readers.

Meet our Columnists

We are privileged to have awesome columnists and guest contributors on our writing team. We have a variety of topics discussed in our monthly columns such as Animal Adventures, Books & Movie Reviews, Devotionals, Family Life, Flash Fiction, Gardening, Marketing, Vlogging, and Writing. Check out more details about our columnists.

Columnist Chat

Linda, what do you plan to do to make an impact on readers with your columns?

Spunky Tales' goal is not only sharing her daily antics, but her stories encompass life lessons for young and old, offering encouragement, inspiration and hope, laughing with and at each other, tugging at your heartstrings, and allowing an insight into how personable a "wild" animal can be. I would never have thought such a little creature like this could interact with her human. Yep she has me wrapped around her little fingers, although I do threaten to deep fry her at least once a week.

In this short time, I have come to love Spunky Doodle and always look forward to the next adventure in “Spunky Tales”! Diane B., what are your plans?

I want peace and harmony in families. A real pipedream, right? By sharing difficulties my family has had, perhaps readers can avoid them.

I love that and know that your columns are touching readers’ hearts. Eve, what are you planning to do in your columns to make a deep impact on readers?

With the hectic schedules, everyone keeps, I want to ease the burden on good choices of books for the family to read, and in doing so, I want to give readers of my columns good advice on the books I recommend whether for the child or the adult.

That’s is such a valuable contribution to PBG and our readers! Carolyn, what do you plan to do in your columns?

I want to impart to others that knowledge is power. You might not be an expert marketer, but there are ways to succeed in marketing without having to be an expert. Just knowing the basics and applying them correctly can go a long way. I want to educate and inspire writers to see their work as something they can share with the world—and do it well.

I know all of our readers who are writers will welcome your sage advice. Paula, can you share your plans?

I want readers to know how special it is to be a grandparent. Not everyone will take the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the grandkids. I want to show them that making memories will have a lasting effect.

Our readers are loving your “Nanny’s Corner” column! Linda, what is one interesting fact about you that readers need to know?

I am by nature very shy and emotional. I find I can express myself in my writing in a way that I don't even think. It amazes me at some of the things that seem to appear on the screen, straight from my heart to my fingers.

Thanks for sharing. Eve, if you could tell readers one interesting fact about yourself, what would you say?

I am a storyteller, and I am happiest when I feel the audience is caught up in the story with me.

I definitely love getting caught up in stories. Paula, what is something interesting about you?

I will do anything for my grandkids. I have even moved my own agenda so that I could take care of them when they were sick. I will cancel appointments in order to help out.

That is awesome! Diane B., what’s an interesting fact about you?

I traveled to and around Hawaii by myself.

That’s great! My husband and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We loved it and hope to visit there again. Carolyn, what’s something interesting about you?

Once upon a time, I wanted to be an actress. I even went so far as to begin booking gigs as an extra or back up in shows and commercials. I was once cast as a contestant on the kids show “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” I soon shifted gears to other ways to be creative besides acting.

Wow, what an interesting part of your life. Thanks for sharing!

This chat has been great! Our next columnist conversation will be posted at 1 pm.

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