PBG Online Party: Part IV – Developing Relationships with Readers

Welcome back to our party! Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite herbal tea and join our columnists for another interesting chat on developing relationships with readers and what they hope readers take away from their columns.

Meet our Columnists

We are privileged to have awesome columnists and guest contributors on our writing team. We have a variety of topics discussed in our monthly columns such as Animal Adventures, Books & Movie Reviews, Devotionals, Family Life, Flash Fiction, Gardening, Marketing, Vlogging, and Writing. Check out more details about our columnists.

Columnist Chat

Eve, what do you hope that your readers take away from reading your monthly column?

I would hope that the readers take the time to read the books that I review for the column. I choose books that I think will have a wide appeal to a variety of folk.

Your book recommendations are definitely appreciated. Diane B., what about you?

A chuckle and, maybe, a new idea.

I love that! Paula, how about you?

That being a grandparent is one of the greatest things in life. What you didn’t have time to do with your own kids you can do with the grandkids.

Thanks for sharing. Linda, what do you hope readers take from your columns?

I have had people tell me that my Spunky story was the only thing that made them smile that day. If I can brighten just one person's day or offer something positive in their life, then in my eyes, I have succeeded as a writer.

That’s a special thing to do for readers. Eve, have you ever received an encouraging note, email, or response from a reader that made your day?

I have received such a response from one of the books I wrote. It was from a 10-year-old boy that said part of the book made him cry, that part of the book made me cry as well. I call that lovely.

That is awesome! Linda, has a reader sent you any encouraging notes or emails?

Oh yes. So many times, I would get discouraged and think no one reads or cares. One example is a bed bound lady who had not been able to get outside her home for a very long time. She told me Spunky was the only thing that made her smile and encouraged her to go on. She passed away not long ago, and her granddaughter told me just before she died, that she laid in bed with her reading Spunky stories and laughing. I have no doubt that Spunky was placed here with us for a reason, and that reason was to bring joy, laughter, and love to many. I am only the tool through which her stories are brought to life.

That’s so inspirational. Diane B., have you received encouragement from a reader?

Oh, yes. One reader wrote in a review on Amazon: “Holy moly, I loved this book. Like, seriously loved it.” That made me smile broadly.

That must have made your day! Paula, have you received encouragement from readers?

Yes. It is always nice to see when others feel the same as I do and have the same ideas.

That is definitely true! It’s awesome to connect with readers and hear that they have been inspired by our words.

Are you all having fun today? Our last columnist conversation will be posted at 4:30 pm.

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