PBG Online Party: Part V – Goals and Bucket Lists

Welcome back to our party! Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite herbal tea and join our columnists for another interesting chat on their writing goals and bucket lists.

Meet our Columnists

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Columnist Chat

Eve, what are your plans and goals as a blogger, writer, or author?

My goal is to have my books in other languages so that all children can read them.

That is a wonderful goal. Paula, what about you?

I want to share my journey with the readers as to how I spend time with the kids.

I’m sure our readers appreciate that goal. Linda, can you share your writing goals?

I have been encouraged by so many to write a book with Spunky stories, but honestly, I am not sure I have the ambition. I am happy to share her and my inspirational stories through other avenues.

Thanks for sharing. Diane B., what are your goals?

As an author, my goal this year is to release three books: a romantic suspense, a cozy mystery, and a science fiction romance. As a blogger, I want to bring humor and encouragement to the readers through the blogs I write each month—on Pandora’s Box Gazette, Paranormal Romantics, The Roses of Prose, and on my own blog.

Sounds ambitious, but I love that! Carolyn, can you share your goals?

I plan to be a successful writer and author. My debut novel Immortal Descent comes out on April 3rd, 2018, and I’m excited to see what happens with its launch. It will be the first book in a trilogy.

Congratulations again on the release of your debut novel! We’re excited to spotlight your book here at PBG on April 3rd and hope you have an awesome time at your Facebook debut party! Eve, if you have a bucket list, can you share some items that are on it?

There is a Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland, which I would dearly love to visit one day. It is beautiful.

I have always wanted to visit Ireland. I hope you get to visit that library. Diane B., do you have a bucket list?

An Alaskan cruise is at the top of my bucket list. I just heard about a cruise on the St. Lawrence River that sounds great, too. Without sounding maudlin, I want to watch my grandchildren grow up.

Some awesome items on your list. Carolyn, do you have a bucket list?

Skydiving, world traveling, learning Japanese, and starting a business.

Linda, what is on your bucket list?

At my age, my bucket list is pretty complete. I am content spending time with my husband and my animals. We have been to the ends of the earth and had so many experiences, I am quite happy reliving them and sharing with others.

Thanks for sharing. Paula, do you have a bucket list?

For my bucket list I want to see the grandkids that are in Italy. I don’t see them very often due to our finances. I want to enjoy every day of my life.

I hope you get to see them soon. That’s sage advice to enjoy life each day!

Thank you all for coming to our magazine party today! We enjoyed your company. This is our last official conversation to be posted today. You still have time to chat with our columnists.

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