Movie Review: ‘Moms' Night Out’ (2014)

Movie Review: 'Moms' Night Out' (2014) 

Stars Sarah Drew, Andrea Logan White, and Patricia Heaton

By Jennifer Anne F. Messing

When three friends who are all busy, stressed-out moms decide to book a “girls’ night out” with hopes of enjoying a relaxing evening together, a gourmet dinner and some adult conversation...they can’t even imagine what their much anticipated evening holds in store! Moms' Night Out is a fast-paced, engaging drama sure to provide fun-filled, family entertainment.

Allyson (played by Sarah Drew) is a harried mom whose life centers around taking care of three young kids, trying unsuccessfully to keep their home clean and organized from day-to-day, searching for profound thoughts to share on her ‘Mommy Blog,’ and stay on top of things when her husband, Sean (played by Sean Astin) is often away on business.

On the morning of Mother's Day Allyson wakes up feeling depressed and unable to enjoy the holiday which is supposed to celebrate her! She wonders why she doesn’t feel ‘happy’ despite the fact that she is living her childhood ‘dream’: to marry a handsome, caring man, raise children, and live in a beautiful home.

Sean gives Allyson some loving input when he senses her inner struggle. He advises that she needs to take care of herself well first, before she can take care of others. An idea is born! Allyson invites her long-time friend Izzy (Andrea Logan White), and their pastor’s wife, Sondra (Patricia Heaton), for a Saturday night out on the town.

All of Allyson's plans appear to be going well when Saturday arrives: she’s made a restaurant reservation and is confident she’s leaving her three kids in capable hands while she and her friends are out.

The perfect evening, however, quickly begins to unravel when there is a restaurant mix-up, which causes stress and a misunderstanding. Allyson also doesn’t expect to run into her bratty sister-in-law, Bridget (Abbie Cobb) while they’re out, and becomes utterly perplexed and worried when she and her friends are thrown into the middle of a crisis Bridget is facing and must help her immediately.

The three ladies’ quest to help Bridget leads them on a wacky adventure they will never forget. Along the way each one of them comes to realize that though their lives are not picture-perfect, they are grateful to daily enjoy the blessings of having a loving husband, wonderful children, a comfortable home, faith, and a unique, irreplaceable role as a mother. 

Moms' Night Out is an enjoyable, many times laugh-out-loud film, but it also offers food for thought on some deeper themes, including: the importance of motherhood and family, gratitude, new beginnings, and unconditional love. Viewers will appreciate the realistic portrayal of Allyson by lead actress Sarah Drew, as well as the strong performances of the supporting cast led by Patricia Heaton (Sondra), and including a cameo by Trace Adkins (Bones).

Some memorable lines in this film were spoken by Sondra, the pastor's wife, to stressed-out Allyson, “Life is not about finding a parking space. It’s not about God taking away all of our problems and making everything perfect. It’s about finding the meaning and joy and purpose in all of the crazy, in the chaos...and it’s about knowing that God is with you on the good days and on the bad days.”

Not a bad take-away message at all for busy moms or anyone. Grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy!

Movie Trailer

Movie trailer: ‘Moms' Night Out’ (2014) stars Sarah Drew, Andrea Logan White and Patricia Heaton

Comedy/Family Drama/Inspirational. PG. Appropriate for family viewing. 1h 38 min. Affirm Films/Provident Films, 2014. Check your favorite online streaming service, movie rental source, or the public library for availability.

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