Spunky Tales: Summertime with Spunky Doodle

Spunky Tales: Summertime with Spunky Doodle

By Linda Suit

Summer is here! I like to cool my jets by laying over the air conditioner vent and let it blow over me. Ahh, feels so good! I don't know about you, but we went from winter to blast furnace with no spring in between.

What in the world are you doing Mommy and Jerry? I've never seen your kitchen such a mess. Well, yeah I have but sheesh, get rid of some of this stuff will ya? Uh oh, I see tomatoes with tags on them. Busted! You didn't grow those! I'm trying to hide the little ones with my tail cause they are really good. Mommy said I could pick out what I wanted for dinner but I'm having a tough time here. Oh, I see squash too and cukes! Whoo whee, I'm a good girl, I didn't even get on any of the plates. I can snag a baby tomato at a dead run cause I've practiced a lot. It's ok, I'll just do my innocent pose and Mommy can never resist that.

Sometimes I have dinner with Mommy and Jerry Boy. Ick! She made me try some sauerkraut. I ate a little but spit it on the floor when she wasn't looking. Bleeeck! I don't care if you did make it, ick! Then she gave me a green bean but I got it on my face and hands so I jumped on Mommy and cleaned them on her shirt. Hey, that's what Mommies are for right? She promised me a strawberry if I ate my supper though.

Another nite I came in to visit with Jerry Boy while he was finishing dinner. I wanted his iced tea so he offered me some... nope, I want ice, so he gives me an ice cube. I picked it up and threw it on the floor. (Don't try this at home or it will get you in trouble with your Mommy). He gave me another one and I sat on the back of the chair with the ice in my widdle hands crunching away! Wow, Doodle, Jerry said, we didn't know you would eat ice! Hey, this thing is cold! I only wanted a little bit so I hid the rest for later. Now where did I put that ice cube? I know I hid it right here.

Tonight, we had Spunkylympics. I hopped up and down, turned flips on the ottoman, bounced like a loaded pin ball machine, but my favorite was the grab a finger in my mouth and run game. Mommy got tired of that one and told me it was not nice to eat and run. Don't they serve chicken fingers in restaurants? Mommy fingers sure do taste good.

Yesterday was house cleaning time for me. Mommy put on her long sleeve shirt because I have sharp fingernails, I am running around everywhere on the floor while she's taking everything out of my house, all the papers and food I have been saving for midnight snacks. She said my little treehouse had to be cleaned. I'll help! Mommy is bent over cleaning away (remember the story about her changing clothes?) I'm wrestling with her feet and biting her heels. Then I found a grape. No, you can't have that! I grabbed it and stuck it in the back of her jeans. I'm such a big help.

Today was fun. Mommy fed me then let me out to play. I was in the kitchen climbing everything including my Mommy tree. I bounced off chairs, Jerry Boy, tables, whatever I could jump on. I was like an EF5 tornado. Finally, Mommy said she couldn't cook breakfast with me in there so she put me in my Happy-tat. I kicked and screamed but I had to go. Remember the picture of me when I was widde, curled up on my back in Mommy's lap? Well, I tricked her. I haven't done this in a looong time but she came in to check on me and I was upside down in my box, mouth open, legs stretched out and not moving. I was playing possum. Um, what's a possum? Mommy saw me and yelled, "Oh no, Spunky!" I jumped up and skeered her! Ha ha, gotcha Mommy. She called me a brat but I don't know what that is. Jerry Boy thought it was pretty funny. I think he's sleeping in the goat house tonight. Mommy gave him a pillow though.

Every night Mommy and I have cuddle time. I give her lots of loves while sitting in my little basket. She tells me who needs special cuddles so here they come. You know who you are! Mwaah! Doodle kisses coming your way!

Ok here comes an awww. Mommy saw a really tiny baby deer in the creek, wandering around in circles. She knew something was wrong with it. She got our neighbor vet to check it out and the poor baby was blind. The vet took it to her house and has been doctoring it, so it can get all better. A few days later we saw a big mama deer with a fawn and they just stood in the creek behind the house and weren't afraid of Mommy watching them. We saw them again yesterday after dinner! I sure do love living here on the creek where we can see all kinds of wildlife. Yesterday there was a huge woodpecker making jungle noises. Mommy told me it was like Woody Woodpecker, a pixelated...or complicated...or affiliated...or abbreviated...oh wait, pileated! That's it, I finally got it right! I am only a squirrel ya know, so gimme me a break.

Mommy is trying to train some of the outdoor Doodles in Doodleville, and she's doing a pretty good job. Hank E. Doodle is a goofy boy and I wish Mommy could get a picture of him standing stretched way up, his hands hanging down in front of him with his legs spread wide. He kinda bounces up and down begging for food. He looks like he's dancing and is way too funny. He is eating out of her hand now!

Whatever you do this month, be safe, be good, and remember Spunky Doodle loves you. Have you ever heard a squirrel talk and sing? Well, stay tuned for next month's Spunky Tales!

Love from Doodleville, USA

Spunky Doodle

About the Author

Linda Suit is a city girl turned country. A travel agent by trade, she and her husband, Jerry, live in rural Arkansas with their animals including an amazing pet squirrel, Spunky Doodle. Spunky has brightened the lives of many with her stories. She is quite a character and definitely lives up to her name of Spunky.

Linda has traveled the world. Her passion for missions comes alive in her stories from remote areas. She will make you laugh and tug at your heartstrings.

Come along and share the adventures. It has been an amazing journey. You can learn more about Linda on Facebook.

You can read Linda's "Spunky Tales" column on the 2nd Saturday each month here at Pandora's Box Gazette.

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