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Book Review: Trapping, By Ann Jones

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Book Review of Trapping, Written By Ann Jones

Review By Eve Culley

I first fell in love with Ann Jones books when I read Missing. Couldn’t wait for the second book to come out. In fact, I “pestered” Ann about her time table. So, I was understandably ecstatic when her second novel was released. The book did not disapoint!

Trapping picks up where the first book ended and the twists and turns begin. Dectective Lyn Kramer, is a strong, female lead with a mind for details. Her family is important to her and she will do all she can to protect them from harm. With a gorgous partner who has issues of his own, Lyn will have her hands full in this fast paced novel.

So, Ann – ah when is the next book due? Just kidding (well, not really). I recommend this book for everyone. Give it a read and you’ll see why Ann Jones is one of my favorite authors.

About the Book

A bittersweet reunion...

Separated by feuding families when they were children, Detective Lyn Kramer of the Elm Grove Police Department and her estranged twin sister, high school teacher Melissa Farnsworth, have finally been reunited—but under terrifying circumstances. After freeing her sister from the clutches of Lester Barton, a devious crime boss who also happens to be their sadistic uncle, Lyn vows to keep Melissa and her family safe. However, that goal is thwarted when Barton, working behind the scenes, infiltrates their sleepy town with drug traffickers and threatens to destroy the sisters and everyone they love as an act of revenge.

Can the recently reunified twins lure the ringleader out of hiding and into the cold light of justice? Or will their evil uncle succeed in terrorizing the sisters into submission?

About the Author

Author Ann Jones lives in Washington with her husband and a devoted, eclectic group of wildlife. Ann loves writing, exploring, traveling and reading. When not doing any of that she is either playing music too loud, driving too fast or eating ice cream, sometimes all at once.

Connect with Ann on Facebook and her website.

About the Reviewer

My hubby and I were missionaries in the 70’s and 80’s raising money for Bibles, New Testaments, Book of John, paper, ink and helped set up a couple of print shops in churches. We traveled with our 2 small boys with our base here in Texas.

With our family grown and grand-children galore, we live in west-central Texas with a barn full of critters enjoying the country life.

Connect with Eve on her website, blog, and Twitter.

You can read Eve's column on the 2nd Monday each month here at Pandora's Box Gazette.

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