Mom-Preneur Life: 5 Tips to Help a Boss Mom Keep Calm

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

5 Tips to Help a Boss Mom Keep Calm

By Samantha Davis

Being a mom is a tall order to fill. Throw in running a business or overseeing one, and you can literally lose yourself and your cool. As long as everyone and everything else is okay, we’re fine, but is that really the case? We too, need to take care of ourselves. Here are 5 tips to help a boss mom keep her cool and stay on top of her game while she conquers it all.

Number one: Have a good morning routine.

A good morning routine doesn't need to be a long one. It is important to practice good habits first thing in the morning. There are many good practices you can do. Deep breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga are all great ways to start the day. Say affirmations and declare how you want your day to go. Make a power smoothie for more energy throughout the day. Pick a few habits, or even one to help start your day off on the right foot.

Number two: Remember you’re only human, you need time for yourself.

Sometimes we go beyond the limits to get everything done but we aren't robots who can be plugged in and recharged. We’ve got to take care of ourselves in order to take care of our families and our business. Make an investment in quality time for yourself. Between working and taking care of the home and family, it is easy for you to get lost in the mix. Go to the spa, get your hair done, do that one thing you've been putting off for months. And not just once, make it a regularly scheduled practice. Me time is important for everyone and it's also a necessity.

Number three: Organization and time management are essential for your life, home, and business.

The more organized you are, the easier it is to see a clear picture and get things done. When you organize and schedule your life, you will actually find out that you have more time than you thought, and that you can do the things you need and love to do. Schedule your quality family and ‘me’ time. Before I got organized, I felt like I had no time to get done the things that I wanted to do for my business. I felt like I was drowning in to-do’s. I’ve found that as long as I stick to my schedule, I actually have more time. Make sure you carve out time to organize! Sit down every night and plan the next day. I use tools such as a planner, notebook, and a project management tool called Asana.

Number four: Work in a chaos free environment.

This may be easier to do if you work from home because you can dictate your work space. But there are things that you can do if you’re in an office as well. Make sure you clear the clutter. A clean work space equals a happy work space. You'll be able to focus better if you organize your desk and clear what's not needed. Play peaceful music at a low volume at your desk. This will help to promote a calming mood. Some music can actually help you focus. If you can work remotely, try going to a place that helps to stimulate your mind like the library or a coffee shop. A change of scenery can be nice. Aromatherapy is also a good way to stay calm. I keep a calming candle at my desk.

Number five: Practice health and wellness habits.

As stated earlier in the article, yoga and meditation are great ways to relax the body and calm the mind. Try deep breathing exercises to promote circulation and blood flow to the brain. Quiet time can help you to relax, reflect, and gather your thoughts. The foods that we eat are fuel for our bodies so try to be mindful of what you're putting into your body. The better you eat the more energy you will have to get things done. Practicing wellness activities can help to relieve tension and increase productivity. I notice a difference in my energy levels when I do yoga as opposed to the days I don't.

Practicing these tips have helped me stay organized, level headed, energized, and focused. When we take care of ourselves, we can better take care of our business. I truly feel that I get more out of the 24 hour day. Starting the day off right, practicing self love and wellness, and staying organized have been very beneficial for myself, my family, and my business.

What are some things that you do as a boss mom to help you stay on top of your game while keeping calm?

About the Author

Samantha Davis is a single, stay-at-home mother of a wonderfully bright 2-year-old. She is an entrepreneur and writer who works from home. It is a lot to balance, and at times can be difficult to manage but it is not impossible. She is currently working on a website called Opportunity Market. It will be a host site for a variety of ways to make money online. Samantha hopes to help as many people as possible find legitimate ways to earn income online. Writing and Cooking are two of her passions.

You can find Samantha on YouTube, Instagram @the_momapreneur, Google+, and Twitter.

You can find Samantha's Mom-Preneur Life column on the 2nd Tuesday each month here at Pandora's Box Gazette.

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