Flash Fiction: Desesperada – Part 2

Desesperada – Part 2

Sinmisola Ogúnyinka

I finally got Lorenzo’s cell number a week later. My time was limited, and I had a plan. Sofia had made it clear she wasn’t going to help me contact Lorenzo, so I made friends with neighbors. Soon, I found someone who knew him.

When Sofia left for work in the morning, she was part of the cleaning team of some big company, I rummaged through her personal items, searching for anything that could help me. Nothing did. Sofia was squeaky-clean. Always had been. She’d only been here for two years and was fast climbing upward. She was enrolled in a community college to study nursing. Her days were full, and she always knocked out at night.

So, it was easy for me, two weeks after my arrival, to arrange a meet-up with Lorenzo.

He picked me up at Sofia’s, glad he now knew her house, and while my holier-than-thou cousin worked to feed me, and send a quarter of her earnings home to support our impoverished family, I followed something I thought was a good plan through.

Lorenzo helped too.

This young man who worked in the night club where Lorenzo was a manager…American. An American man was more precious to me than gold.

Lorenzo was totally in. “He didn’t quite agree to marry you, but he comes from a really good family. If you get pregnant by him, his family will force him to marry you.”

Not the ideal but a plan all the same.

So, I got dressed and Lorenzo took me to the night club. The young man looked too young. He was eighteen, I found out from Lorenzo, I, ten years older. It still didn’t matter. The club wasn’t open yet but staff were busy getting it ready. In another hour, clients and patrons would flood in. In another hour, I’d be back in Sofia’s house like nothing happened.

“What you want is what matters, hermana!”

The boy, Gavin, had only taken up the job for the summer. He was a freshman in college and had such prospect.

“No need to startle him. I’ll handle it.”

I smile at Lorenzo. So trusting. He walked over to Gavin and they talked for a little bit, then he went to the bar and the bartender mixed two drinks. Lorenzo walked over with both. The one on his left was spiked. I had to take it to Gavin. Which was not a problem at all.

The boy smiled when I approached him.

“I bought you a drink. My name is Maria, Lorenzo’s sister.”

He nodded. “He told me about you, ma’am.”

“Not ma’am, Gavin. Call me Maria.”

“Oh sure. Maria.”

Many men had told me I had an allure and attraction men found hard to resist. I was in my best element, confident, seductive, ready to grab my American dream. It was just a few minutes away now.

I took a sip from my drink and gave Gavin the other one. We both drank from our glasses. Within a few minutes, I thought I’d faint. My head felt light, and my hormones began to rage. I threw myself on Gavin and laughed a deep husky sound. He carried me to a couch.

Lorenzo came close and that was all.


Sofia paced her living area, shouting and angry as I had never seen her before. She didn’t speak a word of English. I couldn’t even remember a thing from the previous night. Worried sick when she got home and didn’t find me, she reported me missing. The police sent out an alert because I was a visitor, otherwise, they’d have waited at least 24 hours.

“Your ticket is for this afternoon. You are going back.”

“I am not!” She bought me a ticket?!

Two ladies stood in her parlor and stared hard at me.

I cried. “What happened to me?” I looked around wildly. My bags were packed and at the door. “What is going on? Someone tell me!”

Sofia could hardly form her words. “Lorenzo told us your plans. You drank the thing meant for the poor innocent boy. You are so out of here, Maria! Go find your American dream back home.”

The two women didn’t allow me to clean up. I stank. Two weeks in America and I was escorted to the airport, on my way back home.


About the Author

Sinmisola Ogúnyinka is a pastor’s wife, mother, writer and movie producer. She has a university degree in Economics and is a Craftsman of Jerry B. Jenkins’ former Christian Writers’ Guild. She lives with her family in Philadelphia, PA.

You can connect with Sinmisola on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram @sinmisolao.

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