Kid’s Corner: Stuff to Do When You are Bored

Stuff to Do When You are Bored

By Evelyn Schmoyer

Kids—summer is coming soon, but I bet by the time a month is up you will be bored out of your mind.

So here are some boredom busters for you.

1. Go outside and doing something. From playing with a hose to just plain old walking you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

2. Spending time with your friends or family. Plan a playdate or a sleep over or a barbecue but overall just hang out.

3. Computer games. Go on your device. Minecraft. Fortnite is really in right now. And Doom from 1993.

4. Playing a board game/card game. Solitaire, Look Look, or Sorry. These are games that can quench your thirst for playing a game.

5. Read! Read or look at a book. Or read your Bible. It’s good to learn about God’s word.

6. Dumping and pouring. Ask your mom to buy dried beans and cups and you can dump and pour all day. It’s so much fun and it isn’t that expensive and it’s easy to put away.

7. Writing. You can spend your time writing about stuff. Princess Meghan Duchess of Sussex in England when she was 11 years old saw an ad at her school and she wanted to change it because it was sexist. She wrote to the company that made the video. You can do something big like that or something tiny like document what you do every day in journal.

8. Chores. When worse comes to worse and you’re bored out of your mind, do the dishes, clean your room, or do the laundry. It could really help your parents out.

What ideas do you have to do when you are bored? Comment below.


About Evelyn

Evelyn Schmoyer is in fifth grade. She gets bored in the summer all the time, but this list will help her out.

You can read book reviews by Evelyn at Evelyn Jib-Jabs about Books.

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