Book Review of “The Little Dolphin Adventure”

Book Review of “The Little Dolphin Adventure”

Author: Diana Molly

Reviewer: Eve Culley

Adventure Books for Kids 9-12

A cute story for children ages 9 – 12 about a little dolphin named Bobby. The story’s 63 pages contain many interesting facts about dolphins.

Bobby becomes lost from his pod during migration and sets out to find his mom. There are many harrowing adventures along the way. Bobby and his new friends work together to find ways to eat, stay safe, and continue looking for Bobby’s mom.

About the Author

Diana Molly is a writer for children who enjoy writing as much as reading. Her books mainly focus on friendship, efforts and good lessons. She believes that children learn from books, and any good book is like a good friend that can give only good advice. The number one reader of her stories is her own daughter, who enjoys her mother’s stories and always waits for more to come. Diana Molly likes the story of Paper Bag Princess and believes that girls can be adventurous and strong, instead of being weak and fearful. The young readers can see this reflected in her stories, where the girls are the main heroes and solve problems better than many boys could have done.


About the Reviewer

My hubby and I were missionaries in the 70’s and 80’s raising money for Bibles, New Testaments, Book of John, paper, ink and helped set up a couple of print shops in churches. We traveled with our 2 small boys with our base here in Texas.

With our family grown and grand-children galore, we live in west-central Texas with a barn full of critters enjoying the country life.

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