Mom-preneur Life: Staying Motivated on the Path to Success

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Staying Motivated on the Path to Success

By Samantha Davis

The path to success is a long, demanding, and tiring road. There are going to be times that you question and doubt yourself; that is completely normal. It’s okay to feel that way at times, as long as you don’t stay stuck in the rut. Getting out of the rut can be easier said than done. But it is important for anyone, no matter the path, to have tips and tools to help them get out. Motivation helps get us started and can keep us focused on the goal(s) ahead, but it can be hard to remain motivated.

Here are some tips that I use to help me remain motivated while working toward success.

One thing that I did was change my perception about the journey itself. I used to think about how easy it would be one day or about the work that I wouldn't need to do once I reached “success”. Thinking like that only made the difficult days harder and the rut deeper and harder to get out of. I was so focused on “the break” that I was losing sight of what actually needed to be done in order to become successful…the WORK!