Columnist Spotlight: Meet Our New Columnist, Pamela J. Adams

Meet Our New Columnist, Pamela J. Adams

We are excited to announce that we have a new columnist, Pamela J. Adams, on our team of writers here at Pandora's Box Gazette. Let's chat with Pamela and get to know her better.

Why did you accept the invitation to write for Pandora’s Box Gazette?

Too much of our nation’s history has been lost, some due to time and some purposely ignored. History has always fascinated me, so when I started doing my own homework in preparation of educating my daughter, I realized these stories were too fascinating and too important not to share. I hope my column on PBG inspires others to love America’s history as much as I do.

We are so excited to have you as one of our columnists. We also believe in the importance of understanding America’s history to better help us live in the present. What is your favorite movie and why do you like it so much?

As a genealogist for over 26 years, the idea of time traveling and visiting family members has always fascinated me. The Back to the Future Trilogy has always been a favorite of mine, as well as Michael J. Fox, as I dream what it would be like to talk to my ancestors. The questions I have for them are endless. In addition, like so many from my generation, The Princess Bride is a beloved part of my culture. Today, we enjoy quoting the movie with our young daughter as we relive the wonderful and fun story of Westley, Buttercup, Indigo, and Fezzik.

What is your dream vacation travel destination?

Over the past four years of writing my blog, Liberating Letters, I have researched numerous events and people related to the Revolutionary War and America’s beginning. While I have visited Washington D.C. and Philadelphia before, these places mean so much more to me now. One day I hope to travel to these cities again, as well as Boston and other historical places, to share our nation’s history with my daughter first hand.

Do you have a hobby? We’d love to hear about it.

Ever since graduating college, I have been researching my family history as well as my husband’s. When I started, the Internet was not an option. As a teacher, I spent endless hours during my summers looking through pages and pages of census reports on microfilm, recording information by hand until laptops were introduced. I built trees for each of my parents and my in-laws, along with scanning thousands of family photos. My father’s line was built from scratch using church records, census reports, wills, newspaper clippings, and other family documents. As a result, I have produced three books containing the information I have gathered. This hobby taught me how to research and verify information, which helps me greatly in preparing my blogs and PBG articles. In 2017, I put my two passions together in An American Heritage: The Making of America and an Appalachian Family. Written with David Spencer, we discuss the journey of his specific Spencer line along with America’s corresponding history.

Who was your most influential teacher in school?

For anyone who has read Hillbilly Elegy, I attended the same school as J. D. Vance. In his book, he discusses the math teacher, Ron Selby, who greatly influenced me during my years in Middletown High School. As I explored my career options, I vacillated between a history teacher and a math teacher. While I loved history, I was also fascinated by the certainty and logic of numbers, so I chose math. During my senior year, he allowed me to be his aide, which helped me review the previous year’s course, while attending his Calculus class in another period. As Mr. Selby did not give out A’s easily, I was determined to get one. I worked harder for that A then all my other classes combined. He was a great teacher and motivator, always supporting me in my teaching career, a career I am continuing with my writing.

What was the most significant event in your life?

The most significant event in my life is the birth of our daughter. We never planned on children and she was a glorious surprise. After 20 years in the work force, I was able to quit my job and be a stay at home mom when she arrived. As a Christian and a Patriot, I wanted to make sure she was given the true information and tools of our past so as to be a productive, upright citizen in the future. It is because of her that I started my blog and website, My life changed dramatically when our daughter was born, and I can’t imagine life without her. Because of her, I realized her inheritance is not just her personal ancestry. It is the history and events of the country, both good and bad, that those ancestors lived through. My writing gives her, and all Americans, that heritage.

About the Author

Pamela J. Adams was a high school math teacher in an inner city school system but her passion is research and history. Pam has authored several genealogy books along with compilations of her historical blogs, Liberating Letters, which she maintains at her website You can find more details about her books on her Amazon Author Page.

You can follow her current blogs at her Liberating Letters Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon accounts. Her desire is to provide a tool for teachers, parents, grandparents, and citizens to preserve and pass on America's rich history to students, family, and all people who love freedom and liberty. Pamela was also a contributing writer to before joining Pandora’s Box Gazette.

Pamela’s column will be published on the 2nd Wednesday each month here at Pandora’s Box Gazette.

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