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Biz Buzz: Will an Employee Book Club Improve Workplace Productivity?

Will an Employee Book Club Improve Workplace Productivity?

by Joanne Troppello

Reading is fundamental in improving concentration, focus, and memory. Three things that are important for excelling in the workplace. Now as an office manager or boss, you don’t want to catch your employees sneaking off to the break room—when they should be working—to devour the next chapter in the romance novel or sci-fi book they brought to work. However, the savvy employer will take a moment to realize the benefits of reading and consider implementing an employee book club in the office to improve workplace productivity.

Increased Motivation

Sometimes we don’t want to get out from under the covers in the morning and head out to work. We’d rather stay home and binge watch our favorite show on Netflix, read a book, or spend the day shopping. However, work is calling our name and we need to get to the office or risk getting fired. One way to improve employee motivation is to implement a book club in the office that meets weekly, biweekly, or monthly. This club can break up the monotony of the work day and give your employees something to look forward to—and improve their cognitive functioning, which will lead to augmented productivity. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

If the budget permits, you can even supply lunch for the employees participating in the book club. This may motivate more employees to participate. Depending on a variety of factors involved in your specific business plan, you can host this book club meeting during the lunch hour or give employees an extra free hour during the work week to meet for discussion on the current book on the schedule.

Improved Productivity

When your employees are part of something, such as a book club, they will cultivate team spirit and that will enhance the positive atmosphere in the office. People from different departments who never knew each other can get better acquainted and learn to work together in a more cohesive employee hierarchy. Encourage your managers to participate in this book club as well so they can get to know the employees on a more personal level. When your employees see their managers interacting on a more personal level, this can improve the working relationship in the workplace.

Consider sharing a reading list with those participating in the book club which includes some non-fiction books as well that can foster improvement in areas such as interpersonal relationships, improving organization, and becoming a better teammate at work.

Enhanced Problem Solving

Your employees need to get creative sometimes when figuring out the right solutions to problems that they encounter on a daily basis. When your employees have the opportunity to participate in a book club, they will stimulate their creativity and grow into superior problem solvers. Reading helps us become better communicators. As the participants discuss plot lines and character development, they will enhance their own communication skills, which can only make them better employees.

As your employees read more books and discuss them, they will improve their vocabulary and capacity for fluency in language. This can help them become better writers for their own daily work tasks, whether they are completing a business report or typing an email.

Augmented Development

What employer doesn’t want employees who are continually growing and learning new things each day. By implementing an employee book club in the workplace, you are providing the ideal opportunity for that augmented personal growth and development that will serve to increase employee productivity and boost your bottom line. Suggest books on topics specific to the field of expertise for your company, to be added to the reading list. Sure, your employees most likely will want to focus on fiction books for more personal enjoyment. However, adding some of these types of books will encourage them to develop personally and professionally; especially as it pertains to changing technology such as mobile apps, computers, social media for marketing, and industry trends.

You may want to consider sending your book club to a seminar on developing technology or have a special lunch and learn in the office one month. Do whatever you can to encourage your employees to participate in this book club, so they will grow and develop, becoming more assertive and self-reliant.

If you are a boss or manager, truly consider how implementing an employee book club can boost the overall productivity in the workplace. If you are an employee, do your own research and share the fundamental benefits of reading with your manager or boss and ask to start a book club at work.

Everyone will benefit from employees who are more motivated to come to work each day. They will be more productive problem solvers who are consistently growing professionally and exceeding expectations.


About the Author

Joanne Troppello is a published author of 3 inspirational fiction novels and the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Pandora's Box Gazette.

She has experience as a freelance writer in topics such as marketing, retail marketing, health and wellness, internet and media, travel and lifestyle, website content, app recommendations, and content for blogs.

Visit her Amazon Author Page for more information regarding her books. Connect with Joanne on Twitter and on the PBG Patreon Page.

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