Interview with Christian Affiliate Marketer, Edna Davidsen

Interview with Christian Affiliate Marketer, Edna Davidsen

Please join me in welcoming Edna Davidsen to Pandora’s Box Gazette today. She is a Christian Affiliate Marketer who works with Christian bloggers and churches. Let’s get started with our interview.

Why did you start

I like to read. When I buy books, I normally read the reviews first. But I discover that most book reviews written by Christians about Christian literature are superficial, without real value so I thought: “I can write better reviews than that.” Furthermore, I thought: “If so many Christian bloggers don’t know how to write in-depth blog posts where they review books, that is a business opportunity for me,” because although I had not done this before, I knew what was annoying about the reviews I could find online, and I knew what ought to be improved.

How do you help Christian authors, writers, and businesses?

I’m a Christian Affiliate Marketer. I use that term because I’m proud of what I sell via Here’s the thing. Most Christian bloggers feel immense guilt about trying to make sales via their websites. This is obvious because you’ll not find any Christian blogger who says:

“Hey, this is what I do, and I know how to makes sales, and I’m proud of it.”

It’s not going to happen. Money is a huge taboo in the Christian online community, and no one speaks openly about how to sell in the Christian marketplace from a professional perspective. Many Christian bloggers talk about “Walking with God,” – “Staying in the Word,” and all of that, but honestly, how is that going to help people to write better content for their Christian brothers and sisters?

It won’t.

So what I do on is inspire people with straightforward talk about how to set up their websites, how to write content that’s aligned with Search Engine Optimization. I don’t give my readers any of that “Let’s pray talk” – I am pro-prayer, and all of that.

Nevertheless, I think Christian bloggers make a colossal mistake when they write blog posts in the same way that the pastor preaches in the church. The power of blog posts is that you can link out to other sources. You’ll hardly find any Christian blogger link out to another website? (which is one of the main reasons that their websites will not be found via Search Engines).

I do also help, especially Christian authors to stop posting their Amazon Affiliate links on for example Twitter. Most Christian authors have no idea how to connect with readers on Twitter. If you look up Christian authors on Twitter, you’ll see that most of them do not share other people’s content, they do not listen to what other people say, all they do is post links to their books, and other ME-ME-ME-posts. They don’t get it: nobody cares. I am one of the few Christians who reach out to them with a message saying: “Hey, what you’re doing is not going to help you, here’s what you should do instead.”

The Christian online community is not used to this kind of straightforward talk. We are used to be polite, no one says to another Christian blogger, hey you know, you could write much better blog posts if you do this. This is what we need to start to say because if you compare the content of Christian bloggers with the content of the best secular bloggers, we must say that the Christian blogging community has no idea of how to create high-quality long-form content.

What are your top three tips for gaining more followers on Twitter?

Tip 1: Share other people’s content (If you don’t know who to share, start with sharing those who share your content).

Tip 2: Only take advice about Twitter from people who are a place you’d like to be.

Tip 3: Realize that the number of followers is BY FAR the most important metric on Twitter.

(You should not buy followers, but other than that, you should, therefore, concentrate on building your following.)

I saw on your website that your review books. What was one of your favourite books that you reviewed and why did you enjoy it so much?

I want to take this question in another direction because I have a favourite book, which I haven’t reviewed yet. It’s called Rich Dad Poor Dad and was written by Robert Kiyosaki. That’s my favourite book, and it’ll also be a great review once I write it. I think anyone with a blog should start by reading Rich Dad Poor Dad.

I would not be in charge of today if I didn't read that book. I’m deeply grateful for the work Robert and Kim Kiyosaki do to educate people about money.

Where do you see yourself and your business in five years?

I see myself serving thousands of Christian bloggers and Christian authors and Christian readers. I’ll inspire the Christian bloggers to write longer, better, and more professional blog post content. I’ll encourage Christian authors to take more control over the marketing aspect and learn how to connect with potential readers via their blogs and social media, and I’ll help Christian readers find books via the book reviews I’ll publish.

What is the motto for your business? What’s your business philosophy?

The motto for my business? Be professional.

Business philosophy: Base decisions on data, rather than hoping and praying. Seek the best knowledge about what you’re doing.

What is your daily schedule like? Does your business go through busier times throughout the year?

I usually work from 6 am mornings until 5 pm evening, Monday-Friday. I don’t work over the weekend. The first 6 hours of my day I write blog post content. The rest of the day I use for social media and answering e-mails etc.

There’s no secret to what I’m doing or no shortcut to success. In short, I just work a lot!

What is the best way for prospective customers and prospective business builders to contact you? Via phone? Email? Through your website?

The best way to reach me is via my website:


About Edna Davidsen

Edna Davidsen is a Christian Affiliate Marketer at Her vision is to inspire Christian bloggers to write high-quality blog post content and her mission is to help our churches.

You can connect with Edna on her website and on Twitter.

A special thank you to Edna Davidsen for being interviewed today at Pandora’s Box Gazette. We hope you stop by her website to check out more information.

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