Live Well Corner: Alfalfa is One of Nature’s Own Antihistamines

Alfalfa is One of Nature’s Own Antihistamines

by Joanne Troppello

Alfalfa is a natural antihistamine. For more information on using antihistamines (drugs like loratadine etc.) versus using more natural solutions like alfalfa and immunity supplements, check out my article on “Alfalfa as a Natural Mineral Support.” I share more in that article about a severe sinus infection I had and allergy issues that led me to learn more about natural alternatives to medicine when the antibiotics I took did not work.

Now, I am not a certified health specialist. I am simply sharing my testimony on what has helped me with the health issues I had.

One interesting fact about alfalfa is that its roots go down as deep as 20 feet. That’s very deep for a plant, but very special for this one—because those deep taproots search out nutrients and other minerals “from deposits in the soil while its leaves gather large amounts of chlorophyll through the natural process of photosynthesis.” (Source: Shaklee, 2013) The alfalfa plant is small and green flowering and is one of the most health-packed plants and gifts to us by God through nature.

There are many antioxidants and vitamins like calcium, B, and C. The leaves also contain potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. The plant contains eight essential amino acids which make it an excellent source of protein which is great for growing and maintaining healthy hair. The leaves can be eaten raw or made into a nutritional tea. I drink alfalfa tea everyday and take a natural alfalfa supplement. I explain more about that in the video posted below.

Check out the Alfalfa Complex. This supplement is deeply rooted nutrition and is a vital source of nutrients for our health.

Video Testimony

Do you have allergy issues? I share my testimony of how some natural remedies have helped relief my allergy issues.


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