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PBG On Point: Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking Outside the Box

by Joanne Troppello

The current political and social climate in our country is so polarized. We all have different viewpoints and many times our disagreements turn into social media rants and arguments that lead to unfriending people. We may “say” things online that we might not have the nerve to say to someone in person. Sometimes I wish we could be more like the characters from Downton Abbey who always seemed to disagree with such eloquence. No one ever said we had to always agree, but it would be nice to see more civility in our world.

I never had any interest in politics growing up and only got involved in trying to understand the political scene fourteen years ago when I got married. I was embarrassed to admit to my husband that I had never even registered to vote. You see, he was from a family that was more civic-minded. They voted and participated in political discussions at home, which was somewhat foreign to me. We didn’t discuss politics much when I grew up.

I registered to vote shortly after getting married and have since learned more about politics. I have begun to realize that your political views can change as you do more research and dig deeper. I always believed that I was a Republican ever since my Legal Ed class in my senior year in high school. That’s when my interest was piqued. However, it never moved further from that point until I met my husband.

During this last year with so much turmoil in our country and the world—and seeing how much more polarized we’ve all become both politically and socially—my own views have shifted slightly. I feel that I am leaning more toward a conservative Libertarian viewpoint that believes in the Constitution and limited government—rather than simply sticking to the Republican party line.

You can read more about my journey from being a Republican to becoming a Libertarian. I learned how to be more open-minded, do my own research, and truly define my political beliefs for myself and not because someone told me to believe a certain way.

Bill of Rights Video

I believe that it is important to continually challenge yourself to learn and grow. We need to learn how to disagree without saying that we hate the “other side” and they don’t know what they’re talking about. Ok, so maybe someone we disagree with may not have done their research, but that doesn’t give us the right to call people names and act uncivilized.

Maybe we need to put our own views aside and do our own research—but not the kind where we’re digging up facts to prove our point. We might want to consider doing research to actually learn something from our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers…and yes, even those individuals that we don’t particularly care for.

That is one of the reasons that we started Pandora’s Box Gazette. Sure, we’re a family-friendly magazine and don’t publish content that you wouldn’t want your grandmother or child to read. However, we are open to new ideas and discussions on things that matter and that can bring us together as a country and globally.

We want to become an online hub where readers connect with columnists, authors, writers, entrepreneurs, vloggers, and artists, and get unique views on current events and what’s important in their lives.

Pamela J. Adams is the author of the Liberating Letters at She is a columnist at Pandora's Box Gazette. She shares information on American history in her monthly column at PBG which is published on the 2nd Wednesday. You can read Pamela’s first column here.

Liberating Letters Video

Now, we don’t want to equate ourselves with the Greek legend where death and destruction was released into the world when Pandora opened the forbidden box. However, the name Pandora's Box was chosen because when people read this magazine, we want them to find content that causes them problems in a "good way" that encourages them to think outside the box and learn something new to apply to their lives—and in turn, make this world a better place.

So, are you willing to think outside the box and reach across the aisle—or rather gaping chasm—and learn something new about someone you don’t like or necessarily agree with? Will you take that step today to dig deeper and find something that you have in common with a person that you are completely different from? We are all human, after all, so we do have that in common.


About the Author

Joanne Troppello is a published author of 3 inspirational fiction novels and the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Pandora's Box Gazette.

She has experience as a freelance writer in topics such as marketing, retail marketing, health and wellness, internet and media, travel and lifestyle, website content, app recommendations, and content for blogs.

Visit her Amazon Author Page for more information regarding her books. Connect with Joanne on Twitter and on the PBG Patreon Page.

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