Spunky Tales: Just Be Thankful

Just Be Thankful

by Linda Suit

Before I talk about being thankful, I want to talk a little bit about some of the things I've been up to. Of course, I missed you and hope you had a safe, fun Halloween and nobody got skeered. Mommy wouldn't let me have candy, but I did get special treats, several packages in the mail with my name on them!

How to open a package, Spunky Doodle style? First you gotta give it the sniff test. Oh ya, my sniffer definitely thinks there is something awesome in this first package. Open up will ya? Scratch n sniff. I gotta get to the goodies! I'm doing my best and I'm determined. Lemme in there! Where there is a will there is a way. Bring the scissors and help before I starve my widdle self to death. I'm working as hard as I can. Oh.My.Goodness! They are ginormous. I almost couldn't carry one. This is an all day acorn! They came from Texas, so of course they are BIG. Whoo did I hit the jackpot! Then I got another package from a friend that flies around in the sky on a helicopter and helps people when they get really sick. More acorns!

Ok this part you may not believe, but I'm telling ya, I have a video to prove it's true. I got two packages from a talking pig named Pork Chop. I can't post the video but I will post her picture. Pork Chop told me her Mommy won't let her have any more acorns because she is too fat. She is sad but if she can't have them, she is glad that I can. That was very nice of her. Aww. These are long, skinny and they sure do taste good. I'm sorry your Mommy won't let you have any more, but you know it could be good for your health in more ways than one cause my Mommy has pork chops for dinner sometimes and I sure don't want that to happen to you. Eeek, run, Pork Chop, run! Oh wait, you're kinda chubby I see, and you've got widdle short legs, so I think your Mommy is smart to close the all you can eat acorn buffet. I assure you, they will be put to good use here. I will even share a few with my good friends outdoors, Scruff E and Goof E, cause they are special...the rest I'm keeping for winter. I am blessed to have so many good friends, but wowza, a talking pig!

Earlier in the day I went missing. Mommy knew I was in the house, but I was as quiet as I could be cause I didn't want to be found. I'm pretty smart that way. I pulled this stunt yesterday and she kinda sorta got a teeny weeny bit upset with me. Well, it was kind of a different stunt then, I just wouldn't let her catch me. Bwahaha Mommy. I'm uncatchable! Trick or treat! You didn't treat! I tricked! So there! So today, I tried a different game, the silent treatment. I was sooo quiet. Finally I got hungry. I found where the giant acorns were stored. I only had three left. I managed to get one but they are so big I couldn't carry it without banging it on something. Auntie Prissy, I really tried to save some of them for the winter, but I just couldn't help myself. They are just irresistible. Well, I dropped it and Mommy said "aha", came running, scooped me up, Spunky and the giant acorn, and off to the Happy-tat we went.

As you get ready for Thanksgiving, be sure to have some special time. I'm going to fast forward to Thanksgiving Eve. This morning I played in the kitchen for over an hour. Life was good, I had Mommy and Jerry Boy all to myself, just the three of us playing together. Then, Mommy had to do some cooking, so I danced happily back to nite nite for a while. Mommy always cooks a yummy dinner for Jerry Boy. I try to help but I keep getting in the way cause I am usually being nutty, that is, finding my nuts and hiding them in different places, so Mommy finally said I had to get back in my Happy-tat. Okie dokie Mommy, I'll be a good girl. So, now they are both stuffed, a fire is burning in the fireplace, and the cherry cream cheese pie is chilling in the fridge for later. Nah, I'll take a plain nut please.

Tomorrow is a special day. It's a day to be thankful for things. I don't know what you are all thankful for, but I'll go first. I'm thankful Jerry Boy found me in the woods and that he went back and got Mommy and they let me come home to live with them. I'm thankful every day that I have lots of food to eat, a safe, clean place to live and sleep, and I don't have to worry about bad guys out there like my outdoor buddies do. I'm thankful for each one of you who are my buddies that read my stories and love me, just like I am. You don't try to change me, you just love me. That's a good thing, cause I love you all just like you are too. Well, Mommy gets a little dicey sometimes, but she gets over it pretty quick. I'm thankful we live in a country where we can share things with each other, laugh together, cry together, and just be ourselves. Yeah, we do need to try to behave and do the right things. Right kids (big and little)? So, on Thanksgiving Day when you sit down together with family and friends, put your phones away, and stop and remember all the things you should be thankful for, okay?

Love from Spunky Doodle and all of us in Doodleville, USA. We are thankful for all of you...see you next month!


About the Author

Linda Suit is a city girl turned country. A travel agent by trade, she and her husband, Jerry, live in rural Arkansas with their animals including an amazing pet squirrel, Spunky Doodle. Spunky has brightened the lives of many with her stories. She is quite a character and definitely lives up to her name of Spunky.

Linda has traveled the world. Her passion for missions comes alive in her stories from remote areas. She will make you laugh and tug at your heartstrings.

Come along and share the adventures. It has been an amazing journey. You can learn more about Linda on Facebook.

You can read Linda’s “Spunky Tales” column on the 2nd Saturday each month here at Pandora’s Box Gazette.

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