How to Survive a Slow Work Day with These 5 Apps

How to Survive a Slow Work Day with These 5 Apps

by Joanne Troppello

Not every day is going to be hectic and fast-paced at work. Some days will be slower than others and you’ll need something productive to do to pass the time, while still maximizing professionalism in the office. Take a look at these five innovative apps that can help you survive a slow day at work and become a better employee in the process. You’ll be able to maximize your organization skills, improve networking habits, build a better rapport with fellow employees, and enhance your goal tracking techniques.

Wunderlist App

Organization is a vital part of excelling in the professional world. Use your down time at work to take advantage of the Wunderlist App to organize professional projects. With this app you can share project lists with others and enhance collaboration efforts with coworkers. This app has a feature that enables conversations with colleagues regarding to do lists for projects. Public to do lists are also available for viewing as enabled by users so that you can find more ideas on better organizing your own workload. Stay organized at work with this innovative app.

LinkedIn App

Stay productive on a slow work day by utilizing the LinkedIn App to network and engage with clients, colleagues, and customers. You can use this app to get informed on industry insights and share your professional expertise with others. According to LinkedIn, this app was designed for “professional empowerment in your pocket.” Networking with others in your field will help you to proactively advance your professional education on industry trends and this will enhance your workplace performance. When you are actively visible online in professional circles, you will cultivate your brand as a career professional.

iMindmap App

Success requires careful planning so that you are prepared for whatever comes your way. On a slow day at work, use the iMindmap App to aid in planning tasks and projects that need completion. You can maximize your time with this app since it features mind-mapping software to assist users in improving their manner of thinking, studying, planning, organizing, presenting, and creating. You can download this app on your PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Moove App

A strong rapport among coworkers in the workplace will improve productivity and augment a positive culture. The Moove App was designed for iPhone and iPad devices and offers a user-friendly format for team building in the workplace. This app offers users a simplified navigational platform for creating fun activities which can enhance company culture, provide constructive competitions, facilitate better team communication, and nurture creativity. During normal busy office hours, there are not many opportunities for team building. However, if you use this app on a slow work day, you can cultivate team spirit and improve productivity in the workplace.

Remember Win App

If you want to grow as a professional, it is important to track your daily accomplishments. When you have a slow work day, that is the perfect opportunity to begin using the Remember Win App. You can use this app to identify hidden talents and ascertain strengths by tracking your achievements. The app has a program to track accomplishments and sends you reminders of past successes. The basic idea of this app is to provide users with a “practical way to counter self-criticism and build a sense of accomplishment.” When you effectively track your achievements, this simple act can encourage future successes in the workplace.

Again, you’re not going to have slow days all the time at work. However, when you do, use some of these apps to make the most of that slow day and learn how to become more productive so you’ll grow into a better employee.

Have you used any of these apps to help survive a slow work day or become more productive in your professional life?


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