Family Life: Thanksgiving and Weddings

Thanksgiving and Weddings

by Diane Burton

Thanksgiving has more than the usual meaning for my family. It’s also a time for weddings. Back in the 1920s, my grandfather drove a horse-drawn wagon, delivering milk door to door. He had one day off, Thanksgiving. That was the day he married my grandmother.

Fast forward to World War II. My dad was stationed near Belleville, Illinois (across the Mississippi from St. Louis). He’d met my mother at a roller-skating rink in St. Louis. He was able to get furlough over Thanksgiving. That’s when he and my mother married. On a side note, one of the groomsmen was shipped off the night before the wedding. My grandmother’s best friend’s son was home on leave and filled in. He was paired with my dad’s sister. They got along so well that two years later they married. (Not on Thanksgiving.)

Skip ahead several years to 1972. In June, I’d gone on my first and last blind date with a terrific guy. As we made plans, I thought wouldn’t it be great to follow my family tradition and get married on Thanksgiving Day. I was teaching 6th grade then and invited the class to our wedding. One boy said he’d think about me during the kickoff for the Detroit Lions game at noon. Hubs’ good friend was a Presbyterian minister. To demonstrate that we were merging two families, we married in a Catholic church with the Presbyterian minister giving the “charge” to the bride and groom. For our reception, we had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and dressing.

In 1998, our daughter chose to make it four generations of women in our family to wed on Thanksgiving Day. She and her husband even made the 11:00 news, with a brief shot of them at the altar. The reception had—you guessed it—traditional Thanksgiving fare.

As our family gets together for Thanksgiving tomorrow, we give thanks for our blessings, especially for our spouses who agreed to go along with this crazy tradition. I have two granddaughters (11 and 3). They’ll grow up hearing the story of the Thanksgiving weddings. No pressure. Their mothers and I will emphasize that the girls do not have to follow tradition. Just because their grandfather likes it. He never forgets our anniversary.

May you, your family, and friends enjoy gathering together, sharing a meal and thanking God for his wondrous blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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