Flash Fiction: Twinster: Part II

Twinster: Part II

by Sinmisola Ogúnyinka

Photo: The Aneke Twins Source: Bellanaija.com, 2017

Victor listened to the first two minutes of Suzie’s rant about who they just saw, and then switched her off through the rest of the drive. He dropped her off at his new four-bed-four-bath house on the edge of town to finish setting up and returned to his newly set up office. All in a day’s job. He could have gotten someone more suave from Phoenix, but Ms. Suzie came in an attractive package. Besides the fact that she charged less than half of the worst from the big city, and would custom-design and do your shopping, she was the embodiment of the compendium of Ego’s Trip.

But what the–hell was going on?

How cruel would the hand of fate twist him till ten years was back, right here in the middle of nowhere-Arizona! Destiny Murray lived here? How could that even be remotely possible? He thought he saw her ghost in every shadow in New York. He was happy to get a contract big enough to lure him away from the demons of his city, long enough too. Had he chosen to go to Hawaii, or Mexico, would he have found her there or was he being paranoid?

And that boy…Manny Murray, smartest kid in three states, his son. Suzie had told him everything about the mother and son.

He closed the door to his office and leaned against it. If he hadn’t signed the contract papers the minute, he stepped off the plane ten hours ago, he’d be writing Ms. Suzie a fat “I’m-sorry-but-you’re-fired” check and be on the plane to New York now. He’d not care to get bad reviews for his professional incompetence either.

He didn’t think he could live in New York with Des. Was it here in this narrow strip, he would?

Victor slid to the polished wooden floor and glared at his manicured fingers.


The only way to find out about Victor Henric and what she saw at Walmart was to visit Suzie, though she’d eventually know, she wanted to have a heads up.

Daz opened the entrance to the annoying chime that alerted Suzie of a presence in her realtor office and stepped around a few boxes placed so close to the door as though they were about to be taken out.

Suzie called out. “At the back, give me a minute!”

“I’m fine, Suzie. It’s–”

“The gorgeous Ms. Destiny Murray!” Suzie marched toward her, blond hair tussled. “What brings you here finally?”

Daz took a minute to respond, and Suzie spoke. “I’m sorry, just been a little busy since I picked up Mr. Henric from the airport yesterday. Mr. Victor Henric.”

“I’m sorry to barge in on you. Mom thought I should ask for your advice. We want to, ur, refinance and thought ur, do a little bit of interior touch ups–”

“I’ll finally get to enter your beautiful home.” Suzie winked. “Kidding. But right now’s not the time. Mr. Henric is totally happy with his new place, but I wanted to add a few extra blessings as he’s going to be staying in the big place alone. Teddy bears that sort of thing.” Then Suzie leaned closer as though to tell a secret. “We saw your boy yesterday. Had an incident actually, and the handsome gentleman tried to run after you to know if you were married or not!” She giggled. “I had to wonder if this man had a tiny bit of fear of God in him. But then I couldn’t tell him you were–”

Daz swallowed and turned toward the entrance. “I’ll be on my way now, thank you, Suzie.”

Victor leaned against the doorpost.

Suzie exclaimed. “My goodness, Mr. Henric! My chimes didn’t announce your presence.”

Victor’s eyes bore into Daz’s. “Destiny, we meet again.”


The story continues in Twinster: Part III next month.


About the Author

Sinmisola Ogúnyinka is a pastor’s wife, mother, writer and movie producer. She has a bachelor’s in Economics, is a Craftsman of Jerry B. Jenkins’ former Christian Writers’ Guild, and currently pursuing an online master’s degree in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. She lives with her family in Philadelphia, PA.

You can connect with Sinmisola at her blog, on Facebook, Instagram, and on Twitter.

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