How Recession Proof is Your Job?

How Recession Proof is Your Job

by Joanne Troppello

The Pew Research organization shared that most “American workers say they will need continuous training to keep up with the changes in the workplace.” Approximately 54 percent of those adults stated that they do not have the necessary training to succeed in the changing workplace and need additional training to keep up with the changes.

Are you prepared for the possibility that your job may not be secure; especially with continually changing trends in the employment industry? There are some things you can do to ensure that you have recession proofed your career. You need to continually work on yourself. Excel as a professional and continue to get the training that you need to succeed in the ever-changing workplace environment.

Focus on technology. Learn how technological updates have affected your specific workplace and field you work in. Be prepared to learn a new way of thinking so that you can embrace changing technology to become more “useful” to your employer, so you maintain job security. Employees who stay rooted in the past way of doing things, will not be successful in their jobs.

Your employer is always looking at the bottom line. Sure, most want to be good to their employees and offer job security. However, that may not happen as the economy continues to change and new technology is introduced into the workplace. You need to be your own advocate and learn as much as you can. Improve your skillset. Daily learn new things. Grow professionally and become the employee that your employer is looking for – one who can stick with the company through all the future growth and changes.

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Have you recession proofed your career? Check out this video for some simple steps on ensuring job security.


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