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Hacking Life: Cutting the Cord – Should You Try to Cut the Cord to Save Money in 2019? I did!

Cutting the Cord – Should You Try to Cut the Cord to Save Money in 2019? I did!

by Melodie Haas

A few years ago, I tried to cut the cord and have tried a few times since. This summer being my latest, but I found that the Cable companies really try to keep us as customers. My cable bill went from $150 to $200 this summer. I have my own modem and router so that was without those fees. They tried to get me to stay but I was fed up. So, I dropped everything but the internet which was around $79. Then the cable company had a super cheap plan that was less than $100 after taxes and fees, internet, and cable channels. This was a deal for me and cutting the cord would have been more expensive. Paying for Hulu and Netflix every month would have put me over the $100. Recently, they had another deal and I was able to add some movie channel that I enjoy with fees. It’s around $125 no modem or router. They are $13 a month here.

The first time I tried was in Oklahoma City Cox Cable was my company. There was a great article I found where the guy broke down information on buying router and modems. The router and modem I had for over 5 years and it finally stopped working. I tried the Google router and it did not work at all in my spare room that had my printer in it. From what I understand, they do not work well in the suburbs which is where I live or in houses that have plaster and metal walls which is my home.

Through much trial and error – I finally ended with a modem ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 and router ASUS –RT-AC68U. The other modem and routers that I tried did not work well. For instance, I could not watch movies on my Roku and use my laptop at the same time. These were not cheap modems or routers and had good reviews on other blogs or articles. After 18 monthss I will be ahead of the cable company.

Finally, I have a modem and router that is working great! Just in time to start another class at Liberty University. The Xfinity guy was great yesterday and gave me some hints for using my router. One - plug an ethernet cable into my Roku into my router then it can choose the fastest speed to use. I decided to do that with my TV too and it is working great!

There is a Facebook Group I have joined that answers questions with other cord cutters or curious cord cutters.

Have you tried cutting the cord? What was your result?


About the Author

Melodie Haas is a retired Veteran who loves Jesus. She is attending Liberty University online MAIS.

She writes a blog about finding savings or hacks. You can connect with her online at her blog or on Twitter.

You can read Melodie’s “Hacking Life” column on the 2nd Friday each month here at Pandora’s Box Gazette.

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