Book Feature: Policy of Truth by Scarlett Holloway

Book Feature: Policy of Truth by Scarlett Holloway

At Pandora’s Box Gazette, we love to feature new book releases. Today we are featuring the release of Policy of Truth by Scarlett Holloway. This book is a motorcycle romance novel that rings with truth since Ms. Holloway is a former female motorcycle club leader. She lived the motorcycle life.

The MC world depicted in Policy of Truth is an exciting thriller and riveting romance, which delves deep into the club world. Readers who love realism will enjoy this novel since this is a key component to the story. However, Ms. Holloway expertly infuses intrigue and romance into the storyline.

With her experience in the MC world—and as a victim of domestic violence—she was able to tackle topics that most authors don’t want to tackle like suicide, drug abuse, and domestic violence. All of the characters in the book have been a member of her street team or friends who have helped her.

Ms. Holloway shares this of her experience in the MC world, “It was rewarding and punishing at the same time. Always on the road having things you had to do, away from your family, tired and sore. At the same time, you are with extended family, making new friends, helping with charities.”

This novel effectively erases the popular stereotypes about bikers as Ms. Holloway gives readers fresh and new fiction. If you want to get the truth about the motorcycle world, then Policy of Truth is the novel for you.

About the Book

Five years ago, Tamra “Durty” Simon’s life was falling apart, and she had a one-way ticket to six-feet under. And if it hadn't been for the Death's Angels Motorcycle Club swooping in, dusting her off, and transforming her into the badass biker she is today, she'd be taking a dirt nap. Now, she has everything she ever wanted—or so she thought.

Brett “Sting” Jackson is on a mission, and nothing is going to stop him—not even the sexy, enticing female biker who makes him hard with a single look. Too bad he’s lying and keeping secrets from her. But the alternative could get her killed, and that’s not a risk he’s willing to take.

It took Sting crashing into her life to make Durty realize there’s something else in this world she wants to ride as hard as her bike—too bad fate has other plans for them. When a rival club makes a move against the Angels, all hell breaks loose. Lives will be lost, secrets will be revealed, and lies will be exposed. Because in the motorcycle world, lies may get you hurt, but the truth can get you killed.


About the Author

Growing up on the Central Coast, Scarlett Holloway always dreamed of seeing her name on the cover of a book and on the New York Times Best Seller List. What better way than to bring part of her past onto the pages of a novel, as well as writing about issues that women face on a daily basis?

When she is not in her bunny hole writing, she is a massage therapist, trying to help people through therapeutic healing. Scarlett is hopelessly devoted to her husband, who she lovingly calls her plot bunny, and is active in her teenage son’s life.

Scarlett is available for interviews, media appearances, speaking engagements, and/or book review requests - please contact Mickey Mikkelson via email or by phone at 403.464.6925.

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