PBG Connect: Get to Know Finally Family Homes

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

PBG Connect: Get to Know Finally Family Homes

There is a severe homeless crisis in all areas of Los Angeles County with approximately “53,000 people homeless on a given night and more than 39,000 without shelter.”

Founders of Finally Family Homes

Eric and Christina Dronen are the founders of Finally Family Homes. The idea for this vision was birthed a little over two years ago when the Dronen’s church, Pacific Crossroads, shared about the severe homeless crisis in Los Angeles. This crisis has gotten worse in recent years. 

Ms. Dronen and her husband learned that a substantial portion of the homeless population is comprised of foster kids. In the summer of 2017, Christina went on a mission trip to Kyrgyzstan with her church. They went on the trip with the main goal of helping the church run a local kid’s camp. Only less than 1 percent of the people there are Christian, so this church needed helping hands to serve these kids. This church created a ministry to care for local orphans who have aged out of the system there.

As Ms. Dronen served these children and got to see the results of the investment of time and love into them—she knew that this type of ministry could work back in California. During the last two years, the church that the Dronens attend has focused on foster care with their Invisibles Campaign. They have been educating the congregation to get them interested in helping children in the foster care system.

As Christina learned that former foster kids are “over-represented on the streets, in human trafficking, and in prisons,” she revisited the idea of wanting to help house former foster kids who have aged out of the system and never got a forever family. Her husband, Eric, has the same love of family, helping others, and teaching, so she saw this as a natural fit for them and their family.

Helping Foster Kids

With Finally Family Homes, the Dronens help foster kids who are considered “too old to adopt” and those that have fallen through the cracks in the system. Their program is a long-term and personal opportunity for foster kids who never got adopted to finally get a home. This program does more than just house these kids. It provides the love and mentoring that they need to nurture them and give them stability to grow and mature.

You can visit the website for Finally Family Homes to get more of an idea about their program and how they started. Visit this page and scroll towards the end to subscribe to their newsletter and get their Teen Conflict Reference Guide for FREE.

They are trying to get the word out about kids aging out of the foster care system. They made an image that you can put on your website or blog and link back to their website: http://www.finallyfamilyhomes.org.

In appreciation, they will link back. The image is listed here. Please contact Finally Family Homes if you decide to support them by sharing their image on your website.

Opportunity to Give

Giving monthly is the most helpful way to donate. If you would like donate, please see the donation information below through PayPal, check, or Amazon Smile.   Donate now via PayPal

Or send a tax deductible* check to: Finally Family Homes PO Box 55186 Valencia, CA 91385-0186 You can also support us, at no additional cost, by making Finally Family Homes your charity on Amazon smile.  *Finally Family Homes is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax deductible in full or in part to the extent permitted by law.

Connect with Finally Family Homes

We encourage you to connect with Finally Family Homes on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

If you have been helped by Finally Family Homes, we'd love to hear your story. Feel free to comment below. You can also comment to ask questions to the organization. 

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