Hacking Life: Getting Blacklisted from Retail Stores for too Many Returns!  Big Brother is Watching

Getting Blacklisted from Retail Stores for too Many Returns! Big Brother is Watching

by Melodie Haas

One of my favorite savings blogs is Hip2Save because they do not just post discounts, but they also share experiences that make the consumer more aware. The other day one of their bloggers wrote about being denied access to a store for having had too many returns in the past.

The article caught my eye since I was banned from Amazon a few years ago! I wrote a blog discussing Amazon breaking up with me and how I used other sites. Amazon never notified me, and to this day I cannot use the email address I used when I was banned. I didn’t think this would happen in actual stores.

They are using a firm named The Retail Equation which tracks the customers and the returns. In this article, Business Insider confirmed the list of stores that are using retail equation as the following: Amazon, Home Depot which only tracks returns not made with a receipt, CVS Pharmacy, Sephora, Dick’s Sporting Good, JC Penney, Victoria Secret, and Best Buy.

I think it is frustrating for customers if this happens to them. I know I felt embarrassed because even though I had returned items, I was always shopping at Amazon – just ask my neighbor! I don’t think there was anywhere else I shopped. I bought my dog food, vitamins, and other items from Amazon.

There are times I am trying to find something for instance like a vacuum, which is what I am searching for right now. My vacuum broke and I have been searching for a new one. For me it can’t be too heavy, but it also must have great suction due to picking up fur that my dog sheds. I’ve been shopping at Walmart, Kohl’s, and Target and have not had any problems returning any products. I am finding things just are not made very well or the item I bought was a return. There was a lady shopping at Kohl’s that had to buy another vacuum, and she had just bought one a few months ago.

I do return a lot of items, but I also buy a lot again—just ask my friends! I am glad to know though, ahead of time which stores are tracking me and everyone else. What happened with Amazon was a shock to me with absolutely no warning at all. However, I have found other blacklisted Amazon customers!

How do you feel about being tracked with your returns?


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