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Flash Fiction: Tomorrow’s Fear

Tomorrow’s Fear

by Susan Sage

The sky erupted with color and explosions as the excitement of the night grew. A promise, for an epic anniversary show for the town, kept eyes riveted. Harrison and Ivy watched through the sunroof and out the front window from the warmth of their Jeep Cherokee. She remained warm and away from germs but still enjoyed the show.

The light’s danced and laughter with an occasional scream joined the celebration. Dogs barked in the distance. Most never seemed to enjoy this type of show.

Ivy loved the hot chocolate sliding down her throat. Swallowing would become difficult starting tomorrow. Enjoying the drink, plus her favorite peanut butter cookies, helped add to the evening’s enjoyment … at least temporarily. This night’s distractions wouldn’t put off the inevitable. But not thinking about the next day helped for now. After Ivy had taken a drink, Harrison looked at his wife and laughed. “You have whipped cream on your nose.” He reached across and wiped it off, then leaned toward her.

She pushed against the door. “Are you flirting?” Her honey-gold layers of hair, framed quarter-size, mahogany eyes. She fluttered her eyelashes quickly.

Laughter filled the vehicle. “Well, I thought I was. But I guess if you had to ask, I didn’t do so well. I’ll have to try harder.” He glanced at his watch, looked at her, then reached for the key to start the automobile.

“Can we wait a little longer? Her eyes filled with tears, and she met his look.

“Tomorrow will come anyway.” He lifted her hand, kissed it, and placed it over his heart. “You need your rest.”

“This is going to be quite a year, isn’t it?” She pulled her coat around her frame. She could almost fit two of her into it.

“We’ll make it through. Remember,” Harrison placed his palm on her cheek. With his thumb, Harrison wiped the moisture from her cheeks. “God has this and us. How many times lately have we heard people say that He knew we’d face this even before we were born?”

“We’ve heard it many times.” A shudder-mixed sigh escaped her lips. “I want to believe it. Really, I do. But it’s difficult.”

“We have each other and we both have God. Hon, do you doubt I’ll be waiting for you through the entire surgery, and I’ll be at your side during recovery?”

A whisper. “No.”

“And yet, I’m human.”

“But you’re one of the strongest people I know.” She leaned into his hand still on her face.

“Well, I don’t know about the truth of that …”

“You are. Your faith is strong. You work hard to keep your thoughts in the right place. The Bible is the first thing you go to in the morning after you’ve spent time on your knees. You are my hero.” She turned her head enough to kiss his palm.

“I am only because God is stronger than anything we face. Don’t you see, I will fail at times. But He never will. He’s carried us through so much, He’s not going to let us down now. He will be with you during surgery, with me in the waiting room, and no matter what happens, He’ll help us.” Harrison buckled his seat belt and waited until Ivy did the same. “You ready?”

“No, but, you’re right, this won’t wait. Before we go get my stuff and head to the hospital …” A sob tore through the car like the fireworks that still split the darkness above them. “I wish tomorrow would never come … would you pray?”

Their fingers intertwined. “Father God, let your peace take over right now. Steady the surgeon’s movements as they remove Ivy’s thyroid. May they not find cancer anywhere else. Help us through the days of recovery.” He released one of her hands and placed his on her head. “I know Ivy’s concerned about losing her hair, but help her think of the fun we’ll have together shopping for wigs.”

Ivy snickered and then cleared her throat.

“When it’s time to shave her hair off,” he placed her palm on his bald crown, “help her release the trepidation and know I’ll love her without hair as much as she loved me when I lost mine through chemo. We trust you, Father. Breathe calm over us now and in the days to come.”

Ivy’s head remained tilted back. She watched the exploding colors above them. “I think my first wig will be blue and purple.”

Harrison guffawed deep and low. “Whatever you want, dear Ivy, whatever you want.”

Ivy drew in a deep breath. Calm. Peace. God. And He was enough to see her through.


About the Author

New to north Idaho, Susan Sage and her husband are enjoying getting to know the new area.

She continues to work on her craft writing about God’s purpose and sovereignty in all aspects of life. She enjoys writing devotionals and flash fiction. She enjoys mentoring other writers who are new to the craft.

You can find her on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and on her website.

You can read Susan’s “Flash Fiction” column on the 2nd Thursday each month here at Pandora’s Box Gazette.

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