Sunday Inspiration: “I Never Will”

“I Never Will”

by Jim Hughes

Matt. 26: 33-35 Peter declared, “Even if everyone else deserts you, I never will.” “Peter,” Jesus replied, “the truth is, this very night before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times.” “No!” Peter insisted. “Not even if I have to die with you!” And all the other disciples vowed the same. NLT

You’ve done it too, haven’t you? You have gotten caught up in the moment and declared your unwavering allegiance to Christ and you really meant it. But then, life happens. As we get busy with the mundane routines of life, we tend to lose our sense of enthusiasm. We may continue to make faith a real and necessary part of our lives, but it no longer is the main thing that drives us. We no longer feel like we can lay down our lives for the Lord.

Enthusiasm is good and necessary, but it is not enough to make faith work in our lives. There has to be depth to our faith. We must develop substance to hold us up and keep us steady in the face of threats to our faith. If we are not growing in our faith, the glow will fade and the willingness to go will go. In order to avoid getting in a place where our faith can fail us when things get rough, we must do our part at building it up.

We must be consistently in God’s Word with open hearts and minds. We must spend time digging the meat out to chew on. We must do more than just get by. We must become students of the Word in order to become who we need to be and a people whom God approves of. We need more than a short devotional to jump start our day. A jump start is good, but there must be more. We must learn to think Biblically about things by hiding the Word in our hearts and minds. Devotionals are good, I have written a lot of them, but they are just appetizers, we need to feed our souls a full meal as well.

Also, we must spend quality time alone with our Lord. Our faith is strengthened and grows through our alone time with the Lord. We desperately need to be in fellowship with Him on a consistent basis. Peter failed the test of his faith because he failed to stay awake and pray alongside of Jesus is the Garden before His arrest.

We must also exercise our faith on a regular basis to keep it strong and healthy. A faith that is seldom exercised grows soft and flabby; it will never hold us up in the stormy, trying times of our lives.


About the Author

I am a retired pastor having served the church mainly as a bi-vocational pastor for over 40 years. I have been married for over 40 years and we have two married children and a single son. I have an online ministry, posting daily devotionals and tweeting on faith and marriage.

I have authored a series of devotional books covering every book of the Bible and several marriage books.

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